#19 Why Diets Don’t Work & A Theory on How to Lose Weight

October 25, 2012

I describe some raw thoughts on why we all don’t lose weight on diets. The reason could be with our subconscious. Our mind has to create a diet custom-tailored for us so that it will stick to it.

I use the examples of how Charlie Munger never reveals his exact formulas on evaluating stocks & tells us we have to create our own formulas + the movie Inception and how they had to plant an idea in their victim so that his subconscious would accept it.

I explain what is working for me so far (-15lbs lost in 4 months, with -7.5lbs lost in the last 3 weeks).

Somewhere in there is an analogy of lego houses. I hope all of this made sense, I just recorded on the go as the ideas came – didn’t plan this in advance. So be forgiving, you lovely skanks.

1. my diet article: http://deepaknair.com/2012/08/15/how-to-lose-weight-the-deepak-nair-diet/

2. my current weight loss stats: http://deepaknair.com/fitness-tracker/

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