Week 11 Weight Loss on Paleo: -7.3lbs in 3wks

October 23, 2012

See weight loss charts & numbers here.
See how I eat & supplements I take: The Deepak Nair Diet.

A great week & a wonderful month of weight loss.

This week, I lost -1.3 lbs & -0.50 in. around my stomach.
Overall loss for this month is -7.3 lbs & -0.88 in., with one more week to go.

The weight loss would have been higher had I not eaten a late dinner last night. I weighed myself yesterday & the weight came in at 279.3 lbs (would have been a -3.3 lb loss for the week!)


1) Added a new column in the data called “rate/wk”

I wanted to see if each month, I was losing weight at a faster pace than the previous month.

1st month: I wasn’t dieting & gained +0.22/lb per week
2nd month: Started paleo & lost -0.60/lb per week
3rd month: -1.00/lb per week
4th month: -2.43/lb per week (one more wk to go)

I’m delighted by this data as it’s congruent with what I read in The Gabriel Method. He lost tons of weight but very little in the beginning & slowly snowballing into more & more lost each following month.

2) I eat barely these days

Not very hungry. Usually just a big dinner at night. Some of the things I eat these days:

a. 1-2 Chipotle Salad + dbl fajita veg + meat + mild salsa + hot salsa + guac

b. 2 Subway salads: spinach + all veg except tomatoes + jalapenos + extra giardiniera + spices + chipotle southwest sauce. As protein I either do: double tuna or roast beef + italian bmt meats.

c. Boston Market: Half dark chicken meal, original, with creamed spinach + steamed veg, no bread.

d. Gyro platter with only meat + onions combined with 2 side salads from mcdonalds

e. Portillos: combo sandwich (italian beef + sausage) dipped + hot pepper. Throw out bun, combine with garbage salad (no dressing, no cheese, no croutons).

3) Breakfast & snacks

Rare – when I’m hungry before dinner, I’ll boil 4 eggs in the microwave. Or eat a handful of: almonds, prunes or dried apricots. Or precut pineapples or a banana.

4) Supplement & water intake are great

Keeping track of this daily on my iphone + spreadsheet keeps me accountable. I think this is the most important reason I’ve been able to lose weight easily.

5) Exercise & Meditation

FINALLY revitalized this in a fun and easy way for me to do (see here)!

I do 5 slow & deliberate wall pushups + 5 bodyweight squats. Then I set the iphone timer to 1min & meditate for 1 minute. That’s it!

And I wake up excited to do it again every day now. I’m deliberately setting the bar as close to the ground just to get my inner self/subconscious/shadow to learn to enjoy exercise.

It’s like starting a fire in the mountains on a cold & windy night.

I have to be super careful with the few matches I have, shield the tiny flame from the wind & be super gentle with the twigs and such. Once the fire catches on, I can relax & be less vigilant.

6) This success is rubbing off in all areas of my life

I feel happier & excited to wake up every morning. My confidence & mood are rising. Every day that I eat well is like adding another shovel full of coal into my success train’s fire.

This is the first time ever that I’m losing weight easily & effortlessly. I really don’t obsess about food at all. When I’m hungry, I spend a few mins figuring out where to eat from. When I’m full, I’m done. I’ve been trying daily for 16 years now to lose weight! You can imagine how happy I must be.

I’m reading tons. I’ve bought 53 books in the past 30 days: 5 paperbacks, 48 kindle ebooks (19 bought, 29 free). I spend most of my free time reading multiple books simultaneously (ben franklin, charlie munger, pg wodehouse, psychology, sociology, etc).

paleochick October 31, 2012 at 3:41 pm

That’s awesome! I just started paleo too and I feel great!

Deepak Nair November 2, 2012 at 12:35 am

Hi paleochick, I’m pumped to hear you’re feeling great on paleo as well!