My Book Review of Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander

October 23, 2012

I got this book on kindle at midnight. Had been looking forward to reading this for a while and now that I did read it – it made me super cranky. To the point where I wrote my 2nd ever Amazon review after years of buying things from there.

Right after I wrote my review (I was the first person), some other douche wrote the weirdest fakest 5 star review I’ve ever seen (see here).

What a fucking troll. I looked at his profile and saw he was doing similar gibberish fake 5 star reviews for all these random things.

Anyways, I know I should never criticize, condemn or complain (ala dale carnegie) – but this book really pissed me off.

My Amazon Review:

Title: This Book Is Making Me Angry!
Rating: 2 stars

Dr Eben, I admire your guts to publish your nde. I believe you are an honorable man and a great doctor. But I have to criticize this book – I’m sorry.

I had preordered the book and had been waiting anxiously for a week or so to read this. I’m 28% in & just getting super upset with your writing style. You write with such detail about events where you were not present.


Ie: when you were in a coma, all the specific details of people holding your hands, the exact time they arrived at the hospital to visit you, people glancing at each other, etc. Or exact words doctors and nurses said to each other while operating on you in the er.

It’s way too detailed and reads like a fiction novel. Even if you went back and asked everyone what they said, how can people remember with such detail during a chaotic hospital scene?

Another passage about talking to your birth mother. I’ll quote here:

“Over the next four hours, first mars, then saturn, then mercury and finally brilliant venus rose in the eastern sky to greet me into this world.”

These are details from when you were born! I believe in your account of your nde but these types of details make it seem like a movie script. Im sure you looked up your birth time and backtracked positions of the planets – but why do this in a nonfiction book?

I’ll keep reading and update this review once I’m done but the writing style is really frustrating me so far. Way too cheesy.

UPDATE: If you are curious, can see the continuing discussion on my comments on amazon here.

s3swim November 3, 2012 at 8:53 pm

The book is also about the importance of one being connected to the whole universe. The importance of the personal stories in his journey makes sense at the end of the book. If the gentleman writing the review did not expect that the book would be more like a science paper than a mainstream publication maybe he would have been more prepared for the type of writing style used. The former would likely lead to greater sales of books. The latter would satisfy the guy above.

Deepak Nair November 3, 2012 at 9:35 pm

This is a good point I hadn’t though of