#18 Should We Leave Negative Reviews?

October 23, 2012

I’ve been cranky for about 24hrs since reading a 1/3 of “Proof of Heaven” by Dr. Eben Alexander.

I realize the issue is not his or the book’s but rather something inside me that I need to work out. (see my original post re amazon review here)

My question to you is this: should we leave negative reviews?

What if you ate at a really bad restaurant with bad service, low quality microwaved old items, etc?

Or it doesn’t have to be that cut and dry. What if a lot of people like something, but you tried it and you really disliked it. Should you tell others? Do you leave negative reviews on yelp, google local or even twitter? Do you tell your family & friends?

Or do you keep all negative reviews to yourself & only speak positively about everything.

Dale Carnegie & law of attraction teachers would say to avoid negativity & focus on the positive. A lot of positive psychology is based on that as well. Rewire pessimism with positive thoughts.

So I read about 28% of that book, got really upset at the author’s decision to add in details to events where he were not present at all!

I got two replies to my review – one from the famous vampire novel author Anne Rice herself! She politely disagreed with my review, calling the book skillfully written & easy to read. She concluded that it’s a great book.

Again, I’m harping on the fact that I’m not debating whether it’s skillfully written or not – it’s whether the facts are facts or not.

You can’t write a book called “Proof of Heaven” and use the fact that you are a scientist as a reason of credibility – then take liberties with FACTS.

More importantly, why is this affecting me? Am I egotistical? Stubborn? Not understanding the concept of the book? What’s the real issue here?

People should be free to write whatever & it should really not affect my mood.

But I also have this deep desire to tell my truth & strike down things I feel are wrong.

This is a new thing about myself I discovered today that needs to be worked on. The homework of self-improvement continues!

If you have any insights into what I’m missing, please comment as I would really like to hear a rational & polite response to my issue.

Be nice, I have a fragile ego : )

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