Week 10 Weight Loss Update on Paleo Lifestyle

October 16, 2012

See charts & numbers here.
See exactly how I’ve changed eating/living habits here.


I consistently feel happy every day. Been keeping track of my moods since 2008 & the past few weeks have been snowballing into an awesome positive trend. This is doubly important since this is the time (fall+winter) when I feel lowest during the yr + gain tons of weight.

Weight loss is happening easily. Every aspect firing on full blast. Eating = 100% clean. Supplement intake = easy. Water intake = great. Sleeping well. Waking up happy. Self talk is near 100% positive. Can’t remember the last time I had a string of negative self-demeaning thoughts. It used to be 100% negative a few yrs ago.

I’m not saying I vanquished negative self thoughts due to paleo, just that it’s all happening at the same time. Been working on self-limiting beliefs since 2007.

Zero cravings. I typically eat one big meal a day. Either a) gyro meat + chipotle salad w fajita veg/meat/mild salsa/hot salsa/guac or b) create my own subway salad = spinach + all veg except tomatoes + double tuna (or roast beef + italian bmt meat) + chipotle southwest sauce + spices.

Again, no calorie counting or deprivation. I don’t chew slowly. I just eat til I’m full.

The other meals (bfast) are usually a banana or cut up pineapples I get from the store. I also have dried prunes, apricots & raw almonds handy. Rarely hungry though.

Once in a while, if I see a commercial for dessert (either in restaurant or online) – I get a small pang of the old sugar monster inside me. Usually goes away when I eat a banana, pineapple or even prunes.

Staying away from paleo treats for now since they make me gain weight.

I can feel my fat cells being used to burn energy. I’ve dieted a long time so I know when fat loss is happening.

Stomach shrinking at a fast pace. It’s showing up in the numbers + when I touch it + when I see myself in the mirror.

Confidence is rising to all time highs due to success – which is rubbing off in other factors of life.

I’m reading a lot more & watching less mindless stuff. My mind is firing full blast. Every morning I get up with a new idea or inspiration. This is cool. I’m posting more articles, making videos etc = which is super fun for me.

Cheesy but I actually wake up automatically saying “I’m the champ” – which is my self-chosen positive affirmation. So I start off nearly every day on a positive note.

I’m excited to wake up everyday instead of the old days when the alarm goes off, I barely get out of bed, begrudgingly drive to work, drink coffee all day to stay awake, eat tons of junk food on the way home, food coma sleep, wake up groggy & thirsty, feel down, etc.

PS: The old days weren’t that long ago, just a couple months!

Things to improve on:

Finding an incentive to get my inner self to enjoy exercising regularly
Meditate more consistently (though I read a lot which quiets the mind + writing on this blog quiets my thoughts)

One last thing:

Insider tip. So I’m consciously programming my subconscious for success using principles learned thru Influence by Robert Cialdini + Charlie Munger’s Poor Charlie’s Almanac.

This is important & I wanted to share with you before I forget.

Commitment/Consistency Principle (#8):

– I purposely wrote a “how to lose weight” article before losing weight.
– I’m keeping track of my weight loss publicly on this blog.
– Now I’m making weekly posts on my update.
– I made a few youtube videos talking about all the things that are working so far in weight loss + life

All of these things use this principle to reinforce myself to stay on track. It’s a cool mental hack you should use if you want to lose weight.

It’s different if you kept your weight loss stats in your spreadsheet or journal privately vs if you kept it publicly. It makes a difference to play for keeps & put it out there (even if no one reads it).

80/20 Principle (#16):

I’m tracking the very few things that give me maximum results & this is paying off HUGE dividends.

ie: I do the following daily

3g of cod liver oil
digestive enzymes
30 mins SAD light therapy
6q of water

And I keep track of them on my iphone notes app, then transfer them to a spreadsheet every night. I keep track of them on a 10 day span + what percent I’ve completed.

Here’s a sample from most recent 10 days:

(click to enlarge)

As you can see, a lot of times I don’t get to 100% but 80% is still better than 0%. And it’s moving the weight scales & stomach down.


This is the same thing as commitment/consistency but I wanted to explain this in detail here.

The first four weeks, I made it a point to track my weight because I wanted to attempt losing weight again.

I had no diet plan! I didn’t even know I would be doing paleo. I didn’t even have my supplement/habit tracker spreadsheet ready.

Started tracking weight on 7/17/12, then got the idea to keep track of supplements on 7/18/12, started paleo lifestyle on 8/7/12. Got the idea to keep track of my waist (stomach) on 8/14/12.

The point is – start tracking ANYTHING. You don’t need anything complex. Usually more ideas will come once you start.

Watch. Do. Teach:

Charlie Munger said that this approach works in medicine for teaching young doctors & it works for him in life/finance.

I’m using this principle with this blog. I’m teaching every single thing I learn asap so that I learn it better myself.

Something in our mind clicks when we teach someone else. When I teach someone else all the things that are working for me in my weight loss, those ideas become more cemented for me.

Thus my inner self/shadow/sub-conscious learns this & keeps me on track while I’m sleeping. A lot of times, no matter how hard we consciously try to lose weight – it can be unraveled in our sleep due to self-limiting beliefs we’ve been practicing our whole life. We need to break that habit using this tool.

Start a blog. Keep track of your weight loss publicly. Teach others on twitter, youtube, itunes, etc. Do this to help others – you’ll also help yourself.