Online Marketers are Full of Shit (& Other Success Lessons)

October 15, 2012

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What do you think of my chart up there? Pretty nifty, eh? I left in the scratch out at top instead of making a new chart – I like a few flaws here & there.

UPDATE: Since this article is kinda long & I’m unwilling to cut it down, made a video that’s meant to serve as cliff notes version to what I’m attempting to explain here! I tried my best (no I didn’t) and the video is about 30mins but it’s probably easier for you to listen than to read. Enjoy you sexy hippie bastards!

PS: Read the article anyways, it’s more detailed.

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I want to take the time here to describe the hero’s journey we all take in our quest for excellence & success.

Whether it be to make massive wealth, find your lover, lose weight, physical fitness or mastering another tough skill – I’m here to present a theory that we all follow a similar path toward acquiring that wisdom.

Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey, my version also includes going thru a lot of crap before hitting gold.

But first, a little about Buffett, Munger & Franklin

I’ve been reading a lot of books/articles about Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger lately – which lead me to reading the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin & Poor Richard’s Almanac (written by Ben Franklin also).

I started reading these Berkshire boys because I want to be wealthy & have tried 10000s of methods that have not worked – so thought why not try these old-school successful guys.

They’re old school because they preach patience, wisdom, honesty, integrity & a lot of things that are not very fashionable to most of us today. Instead, I usually spent most of my time looking for get rich quick schemes.

Both Buffett & Munger admire Ben Franklin greatly & Charlie models his life after him.

So this past week, I bought The Autobiography of Ben Franklin & the Almanac. How much do you think both of those books combined cost?

$19.99? $99? $1,999? $9,999?

Well you probably know the answer by now – it cost me $0.99!!

BTW, the autobiography was free on Kindle. The only thing that cost was the Almanac.

I’m not sure why I waited this long to read these two books since I had known about them for years. It just so happened that Buffett & Munger’s enthusiasm about Ben Franklin was so huge that it rubbed off on me.

So are the books good?


I would argue it’s probably two of the most important books anyone can ever read. I’m not going to get to the details here, don’t want to spoil the fun for you.

The point I wanted to make about Buffett, Munger & Franklin is that though their wisdom exists today, and have existed for 100s of years, and will exist for infinity – I only discovered them in 2011 (after 31 years of being alive). And you may not discover them til maybe 2015 or 2030 or 2200. Who knows. That’s just how things work.

Two reasons: 1) you don’t know they exist yet or 2) what they say don’t make sense to you right now.

For example, I downloaded the Autobiography of Ben Franklin back in 2010 since it was free on Kindle. I must have read two sentences & deleted the book. Now two years later, I redownloaded it & devoured every word in a couple days.

What’s the difference?

I’m older & a little wiser.

The Path of Wisdom:

These are the steps I’ve noticed.

1. Garbage + Noise (free stuff)
2. Bottom Feeders (they repackage G+N & sell it for low-mid $)
3. High Cost Marketers (they repackage Elites & sell for high $)
4. Elites (get their ideas directly from other elites + source)
5. Source (all that is, infinite wisdom/inspiration)

Let’s break it down!

Step 1: Garbage + Noise

Most heroes start their journey diving into this pool, mainly because they don’t have the money to pay for higher levels.

This is where I started.

This pool contains blogs, articles, newsletters, family, friends, coworkers, gossip, television, radio, commercials, school, etc.

Sure there are some good meaning people in that group but taken as a whole – it’s just complete garbage + noise.

It’s like getting your whole education from watching 24hrs of Fox News or MSNBC. It’s garbage. Serves no purpose but to pollute your mind. I’ve done it. Not judging.

A lot of garbage & noise get their information from other garbage & noise. They just feed off of each other.

It’s like me writing a blog post based on things I saw on TV or investing advice I’ve heard from a friend of a friend. (BTW, I categorize this blog in this pool of G+N also! I’m not above this).

So when you’re poor but have that hunger inside you for something greater, you turn to the most accessible source = free & readily accessible stuff.

Before the internet was super huge, I used to watch TV all the time. Especially late night in college. There I would see infomercials for products I don’t really need, self help stuff like Tony Robbins & get rich schemes like SMC.

And I’ve bought all three.

I’ve bought things I don’t need because I got swayed by emotion.

These marketers are great at pushing our buttons.

I also watched a lot of CNBC to get my stock news. Wow, what a pile of garbage most of that network is. Jim Cramer epitomizes garbage + noise (not because he’s a bad person, I’m sure he’s super nice, but because you can’t get rich buying & selling as frequently as he recommends you to).

I also watched a lot of O’Reilly factor. This was before I realized they were a right wing news network & that Bill was mostly full of shit. He’s smart but full of shit. He’s just another marketer preying off of bottom feeders like me.

Anyways, once the internet became much bigger – I discovered all the different blogs & opinions out there on how to make money.

I also read a lot of articles on how to get women. Finally, I read about how to lose weight.

Three things I never had but always wanted! Money, women & fitness.

Bottom line: you will most likely start your heros journey by listening to G+N. That’s ok. Don’t be discouraged but know that you will fail constantly at this stage.

Ok, by now I’m rambling and adding more to the G+N out there in the world, so let’s get on to the next point…

Step 2: Bottom Feeders

These are the people to really watch out for because they actually have the balls to charge you for the garbage & noise they repackage together into a big ball of shit covered in nice wrapping.

Listen, I’ve tried my own hand at being a bottom feeder in my many attempts to make money – so I’m not above this. But I have to be objective & call shit for what it is….a big pile of stinky poop covered with high fructose corn syrup & wheat batter – then deep fried!

So in step 1, we attempted to learn things for free. How to lose weight. How to get rich. How to pick up women. And we usually work at a job we hate (retail) or are still stuck in school – so we’re super desperate for fast change.

We are miserable & become more despondent because there’s so much confusing free information out there. One blog tells you to do day trading & how he’s raking in millions. Another talks about currency trading & forex. Another guy flips houses. Yet another sells junk on ebay and is now living in a mansion. You get the idea.

So you kinda get pissed & get a little bit more motivation to move up. You discover a few sites where the guy who got rich will tell you how to be rich just like him – just pay $19.99 – $99.99.

That’s the typical range bottom feeders charge for their shyte – some who have bigger balls will go up to $199-$399.

Some of the garbage I’ve bought:

Doc Love’s The System – The Dating Dictionary – I discovered this thru garbage & noise at He used to write articles on how to get women on askmen and finally I thought I’d buy his “system.” Price: $100. Usefulness: negative $100. I became a dumber & less useful person to society for reading this.

This old fuck is a bottom feeder plain & simple. And he’s definitely not getting laid by anyone worthwile (gut feeling).

His advice is just garbage. His whole “system” revolves around the word “challenge.” You can get any woman as long as you are a challenge. Got a phone number? Wait 7-9 days before you call her. Never on a friday or saturday. If you call too soon, you’re a dumbass. No exceptions to this rule.

There are about a hundred pages of shit like that.

Have ANY problem with your girl? You’re not being enough of a challenge to her. Stop being a wuss & challenge her.

Dude, I can write that book. That’s not rocket science. Play hard to get? Ooooooh what a genius!

Ok ok enough with the vitriol, he’s not entirely a bad person. He’s just trying to make a living as a bottom feeder giving advice to the garbage & noise lovers out there. I shouldn’t judge him. And I shouldn’t beat myself either, I didn’t know any better.

And he served the purpose as being my first step into discovery about women & the opposite sex. I think this is the first info product I ever bought online.

There’s infinitely more to the equation that just play hard to get if you want to attract & keep a good mate.

SMC Drop Shipping – during the garbage + noise of late night informercials, I kept seeing an ad hosted by Tom Bosley (dad from Happy Days). PS: Damn you Bosley for selling out & shilling this complete garbage. Not cool dude, not cool.

I bought the product simply because I was naive, desperate & dumb (not a good combination) + thought Tom Bosley wouldn’t be the spokesperson for something that was shitty. Well, lesson learned.

SMC is a drop shipping wholesaler. So you can set up your own website & list their products – when someone buys, you just enter than info into SMC’s website & they’ll do the packing & shipping.

Or you can sell direct using their catalog.

So you’re just the middle man.

In college, while racking my brain on how to make money – I finally fell for this ad & bought the package. I don’t remember how much the kit cost, maybe $299?

Well there are a few problems with this system. Drop shipping, in theory, sounds like a dream.

The problem with SMC is that all of their products are low quality & things no one really wants or needs. Cheap jewelry & electronics. Cheap home & garden stuff. Knick knacks & paddy wacks.

Plus you’re competing with all the other people selling thru SMC, so there’s endless competition to hawk this crap = wiping out profit margins.

I had mild success forcing my mom to sell items thru the catalog at her work & making my own website selling home & garden items. People actually bought my stuff!

I stopped when I realized the same items were being sold at low cost on ebay – it finally dawned on me about all the competition out there. I ended my site after a few months.

Other stuff I’ve bought: There are tons of things: like lose weight quick pills from (drove 6 hours round-trip to pick them up from college during summer break – had zero effect), jump higher shoes to become good at basketball – didn’t improve my hops nor my dribbling skills, ab belt that vibrates to melt the fat, the rich jerk book where some rich fuck tells you how he got rich by being a jerk online.

The only people succeeding & getting rich here were the people selling me things.

Bill the bottom feeding O’Reilly

There are other bottom feeding techniques like the ones employed by Bill O’Reilly, who uses his Fox News fame to write garbage books about Abraham Lincoln & other dead presidents. Obviously, he uses ghost writers & minimal research to pump things out to make more $$$ for himself. He relies on the gullibility & ignorance of his viewers to get rich.

Here’s a clue to spotting bottomfeeders:

This arrogant fuck is talking about arguably two of the most important presidents in the arguably the greatest country in the history of mankind – and who’s name is prominent on those covers?!

You would think if you were talking about Abraham Lincoln (kept the country together during the civil-motherfucking-war), his name would be more prominent….. but no. Bill O’Reilly’s name is listed first, is in all caps & bigger print. Enough said.

Let’s look at some non-bottom-feeding books out there:

See the difference?

He’s not the only one, there are a lot of people who take this approach. It’s easy to sell garbage in wrapping paper because there an endless supply of garbage you can pick from.

I can’t remember all the things I’ve bought but there are way more than I’m listing here. I think my brain blocked them out of my memory as measure of self-preservation!

Bottom line: The next level of your evolution will lead you to buying some products to improve your station in life. Just know that most of this will be UTTER GARBAGE. Bottom feeders usually just repackage garbage & noise into something that looks useful. Don’t get discouraged, you’re almost there in your journey.

Now I’m becoming a little embarrassed at recollecting all the stupid things I’ve bought & tried – let’s move on to the next topic quick before I start crying…

Like Charlie Munger says: when you mix raisins with turds, they’re still turds!

Step 3: High Cost Marketers

Examples: Frank Kern, Eben Pagan (aka David DeAngelo), Tony Robbins, Joe Polish, John Carlton, Motley Fool newsletters, Robert Kiyosaki (who’s combo high cost & bottom feeder).

These people have made it up the ladder of success, going thru the same troubles we are experiencing now. And they offer us solutions. They usually make high quality products, the only catch is that it’ll be super expensive.

The first high cost product I bought was Eben Pagan’s Get Altitude program back in 2007. I think it cost $2000 for a huge box of dvds & workbooks. I didn’t have much money but charged my credit card because I really hoped this product would be my ticket to wealth & freedom.

Eben’s famous for the man behind Double Your Dating, written using pen name David DeAngelo.

After being disappointed with Doc Love’s System, I also ran into a lot of articles on written by some dude named David DeAngelo. I remember this guy had this arrogant tone to his articles and it rubbed me the wrong way, at first. Later, I realized he was just using his famous “cocky comedy.”

Soon after, I discovered his items on torrent sites. Double your dating. How to be a man. Supreme Confidence. Inner game. Etc. They were all over the internet.

So I joined his email list & kept up with his newsletters & teachings.

He was also featured in the infamous book by Neil Strauss: The Game – which chronicled the inner workings of the underground pickup community.

After a few years, DeAngelo revealed his true identity. He was Eben Pagan, the online marketer who ran a company out of his small apt raking in $20M a year. And he’s going to teach us how to follow his steps.

That was a dream come true for me! I want to make $20M a year from my apt! Yes yes yes.

Anyways, his online marketing tactics worked well on me and I used my credit card to buy his Get Altitude program.

I will say that Eben makes high quality products, so all his stuff are some of the most top notch stuff you can buy. He’s read a lot. Once he posted a video of his office apt – literally filled with thousands & thousands of books.

Eben’s someone who has achieved success (dates hot women supposedly & makes $20M in his online business) & is teaching the rest of us how to do it. Sounds fine.

Though, $2000 is pretty expensive, right? But we live in a capitalistic society where demand & supply take effect and if I’m willing to pay it, he should be able to charge it.

I get it.

Next, I discovered another bigger online marketer – Frank Kern. I guess in the internet community, he’s the big dog – and friends with Eben & the other elite marketers out there.

Frank has this down to earth southern charm which he uses to get us all hot & bothered to buy his $3000 info products.

I was salivating & distraught in finding out that his Mass Control & Mass Control 2.0 products were off the market. No more sales.

The tagline to those products? “Thirty Days to Mass Control Millions”

How can I resist???

Anyways, I joined his email list. One day I got an email saying how he still had a few boxes of his Mass Control 2.0 lying around his house and he was going to sell a 100 of them or something.

Of course, I whipped out my credit card & bought it immediately.

It’s not like I had money for the above products but Frank was nice enough to include a monthly plan – so I think I paid it off in 10 months or something.

Anyways, his product is pretty good. I didn’t make millions in 30 days. Not even close. But it was fun to learn directly from an online superstar.

A lot of his tactics usually become dated fast. By the time he’s teaching us his tricks – him & his friends have already used it to full effect.

Then once he releases the product, thousands of other hungry online marketer wannabes learn them & start using the same techniques. Then the bottom feeders & garbage + noisemakers get a hold of these ideas & then more people use them.

So the world becomes flooded with everyone using similar things and the consumer usually gets used to & fed up with them pretty fast.

The lifespan & usefulness of his products are usually very short. But if you’re dealing with a niche market that’s not exposed to online marketers, his techniques will work on them.

He basically uses things taught by Robert Cialdini in his famous book Influence. Cialdini teaches us things humans are susceptible to like: scarcity, liking, reciprocity, authority, etc.

Charlie Munger talks about these ideas all the time & has coined a term for when all these factors work together to whip up a crowd in frenzy – the lollapalooza effect.

Frank Kern merely pushes all these buttons & creates a lollapalooza effect in his customers who become foaming at the mouth to buy everything he puts out – even if the last thing they bought hasn’t been used. I’ve bought a bunch of Frank Kern stuff – that was before I discovered Cialdini & Munger.

But that’s ok. What’s more important than his techniques is learning the way he thinks. He thinks differently. He reads certain books. He does certain things throughout the day.

So I’ve read a lot of the same books Frank talks about – and that’s what has really helped me evolve. Same goes for Eben, who is known to quote books in all of his seminars. I keep track of all his recommended books & have profited mentally/emotionally/financially.

I owe gratitude to these guys for that.

Through Frank Kern & Joe Polish (another marketer), I discovered Dan Sullivan & his Strategic Coach business mastermind club. His fees are dependent on how much you make per year.

For example, if your annual income is $100,000 – his fees are $5,900.
Make $200K = $7,900
$500K = $11,900 for USA & $20,000 for Canada.

Kinda weird but I get it. You want to be around similarly successful peer group. If you’re making $500K a year, you are not going to learn much collaborating with people making $100K a year.

And Dan Sullivan is happy to be the facilitator & collect his large fees. The mastermind group meets 4 times a year, for one full day of coaching & masterminding. You pay the fees for the year up front & oh yea, there are no refunds. No exceptions.

I sent my mom to the $5,900 level (she owns her own biz) but she quit after the first session. Not because Strategic Coach sucks or doesn’t suck but because she just didn’t like them. My hunch is that she hadn’t evolved her business skills to the level to where she could appreciate the usefulness of Strategic Coach.

There are people coming from all over the world to be part of this group. And there are many that swear by it. I also see the usefulness in being able to mastermind with others who are making similar income as you in business so that you can learn & evolve together.

But still, imagine paying $20,000 to learn business secrets that are taught openly by people like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Benjamin Franklin & many of the other elites (see next section).

It would be much simpler to just do some work to start your own private mastermind group. Ben Franklin did that on his own. So did Warren Buffett. They didn’t pay $20,000 to join a big mastermind club.

Oh yea, Joe Polish also has his own elite mastermind group. The cost? $25,000/yr.

And you have to apply & be accepted by the group. People like Paula Abdul & real estate informercial king Dean Graziosi are part of this elite group. One of the perks is that once a year, they retreat at an island owned by Richard Branson. Joe is able to pull this off because he raises a lot of $$$ for Richard’s charity.

I’ve bought Joe Polish’s Piranha Marketing dvd set. It’s pretty good but not as good as listening to one free Warren Buffett speech. Cost $300.

If I had the money, I’d try his mastermind group. I don’t mind trying & failing – which is better than not trying at all. And I’m a full believer in mastermind groups.

But just notice that when you want to just join someone else’s group & take the easy way out – it will cost you high $$$. That’s a pattern to life.

I’m not going to bash the high cost marketers because their lessons were invaluable & I owe a lot of thanks to Eben Pagan, Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Joe Polish & others for serving as guides in my journey.

Step 4: Elites

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. So like the image shows, high cost marketers usually feed off of the elites.

What this means is that they read & study everything the elites put out. Then they teach those same things to us for a super high price!

I got a small scale clue to this when I was watching the Get Altitude program by Eben Pagan. One of the audience members who was asking Eben’s advice was another success coach!!!!

Did you hear that?

A success coach, who has his own website & info products that he fucking sells to people, was at this seminar to learn from Eben.

His website should just say: I know nothing. Go learn from Eben instead. Right? I guess everyone’s gotta make a living.

And then Eben goes to Omaha Nebraska, stands in line for hours to get to hear Warren Buffett speak at the shareholders meeting. The cycle continues up the pyramid of success.

So if most of the high cost marketers get their ideas from elites, then why not go directly to the source, you ask?

Good question! You are learning young padawan!

There’s something weird about human nature I noticed in myself.

Eben Pagan, Tony Robbins Frank Kern & other high cost marketers would often quote Warren Buffett & other successful elites – but I never thought about cutting out the middleman and going directly to the source.

I’m not sure why. Maybe because my mindset was too small at that time? Or maybe I thought that people like Buffett didn’t have info products I could buy – so what’s the point? Or maybe I was too lazy & was instead looking for a get rich scheme.

It took a couple years of banging around: from 2007-2011, until I decided to google “Warren Buffett.”

Holy mother-fucking cock-slobbering shit. (haha)

Well, there are TONS of LOOOONG FREE speeches done by Buffett available on youtube & other video sites. And Buffett explains complex ideas in a fun, easy to understand, direct to the point manner (exact opposite of the rambling/verbose way I’m doing in this post).

I’ll say this: I studied economics & finance in college & it’s my passion – so I also read tons of books, blogs & newsletters about the topic. BUT nothing compares to how wise & useful Buffett & Munger speeches are.

Of course Buffett & Munger also publish their investing thoughts in a FREE annual newsletter to their shareholders, which you can read, right now if you wanted, on the berkshire website.

If you’re a shareholder of his company, you can also travel to Omaha for the annual shareholder’s meeting & ask him your questions directly. Him & his partner Charlie Munger take 3+ hours to answer any question you have – for fucking FREE.

The richest & most successful investor & capitalist of possibly all time gives away his wisdom for free!

This is while high cost marketers repackage his & other elites’ information & sell it for $3,000 – $25,000+.

Maybe a little unfair in a moral sense but fair in a capitalistic society. But hey, everyone has to make money somehow – and I’ve done the same things & will probably do the same things as high cost marketers to make money in the future.

So yes, I will be a hypocrite also. How else will I pay for them rims??

Lesson: By the time you discover Elites of the world, you will have traveled the heros success journey of wading thru garbage + noise, bottom feeders & high cost marketers. You will have spent a lot of time & money and lose your motivation & will to live at times. But if you somehow persevere, you will reach the promised land.

That’s just how it seems to happen. I’m not sure why. Maybe success will taste much sweeter after searching for it for a long time? Getting rich quick is the path to arrogance & failure? We need to learn patience & perseverance?

All probably true & more.

Don’t beat yourself up & I will do the same. Better late than never, right?! I’m 31 and am discovering these things now – there are many 60 yr olds who’ll never know this.

Step 5: Source

Put all your skeptical, scientific, atheist beliefs out of the way for a moment. Just indulge me in this theory – even if it sounds like a complete hoax/myth/gullibility.

As I’ve read, I notice a common theme among elites – they usually refer to a power outside of themselves. Different people call it different things.

The common names include: god, inspiration, muses, intuition, gut feeling, source, channeled words, etc.

Napoleon Hill, commissioned by Andrew Carnegie (one of the richest, successful & generous men in history), was tasked to interview & study over 500 of the most successful people in our country.

People like: Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Charles Schwab, William Wrigley Jr., & more.

Hill also served as advisor to presidents Woodrow Wilson & FDR. (source)

He distilled all he learned into the book: Think & Grow Rich, one of my all time favorite books. I’ve read & listened to the audio book probably at least 100 times.

One common theme he discovered is that the elitely successful people in our society all admitted that they connected with a power higher than themselves where they drew their ideas & inspiration from.


And Hill concluded that there is a power higher than us & that we can use our thoughts to connect with that power to create riches.

I’m not going to spoil the book but you can read it for yourself.

There are other clues to this source.

I love channelers Abraham-Hicks & Bashar. They talk about law of attraction and other life philosophies. Some people are creeped out by this or think it’s a scam.

If you go into it with an open mind, you’ll discover some amazing wisdom being shared directly from source.

The famous writer Steven Pressfield (War of Art) mentions regularly on his blog & books that he gets his ideas from a muse (video // blog article).

Another clue is thru the use of psychedelics. People who have taken psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, ayahuasca or dmt come back with their view of the world altered. They connect with a power higher than themselves. I’ve experienced it.

So have Phil Jackson, The Beatles, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Led Zeppelin, Tim Ferriss, Maynard James Keenan, George Carlin, Joe Rogan & thousands of other successful people.

There are a lot of studies done on psilocybin mushrooms (ie: CNN, Time mag, Harvard, etc) + a doctor wrote a book called DMT The Spirit Molecule where he discusses his & his peers’ experiences connecting with the spirit world. A lot of shamans in South America chronicle their spirit world visits in the form of Ayahuasca paintings.

There are also books written by doctors & others about their own near death experiences – where they died for a moment, traveled to source energy, came back to life with that memory.

A lot of successful people also choose to stay quiet on the topic of psychedelics & source because they don’t want to get unwanted attention or lose their privacy.

ie: The rich, famous & open-minded Oprah Winfrey, who is a beacon of openness, honesty, lifestyle, health etc interviewed Esther Hicks (lady who channels Abraham).

But Oprah was afraid that Abraham-Hicks is too far out for her tv show & would freak out her audience – so she only interviewed her for her satellite radio show & you can see clips of it on her website.

OPRAH FUCKING WINFREY, whose job it is to share information with the world & has made $1B+ while doing it was too scared to share this info!!!

She was censoring Esther Hicks from a large audience.

Do you see how much resistance there is in the world in speaking the full truth?

But Oprah believes in Abraham-Hicks & many other esoteric teachers like Buddha, Eckart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, etc. And she’s rich & successful doing something she loves to do.

If it’s good enough for Oprah (& Ben Franklin, Steve Jobs, etc), it’s mother-fucking good enough for me (swearing is making me lose my credibility, right?).

But trust me – a lot of the elites connect with the source power thru the use of yoga, meditation, psychedelics, float tanks or listen to channeled information.

This is something to keep in the back of your mind. While a lot of the books, info products & whatever else we buy are tools – they are merely training wheels until we learn to connect directly with source for our inspiration.

Warren Buffett makes up his own mind about investments. He often goes against common wisdom (ie: he just recently bought 62 daily newspapers around the country while everyone else is talking about the death of printed news).

Charlie Munger has a saying: I’m right & you’re smart. Sooner or later you’ll realize I’m right. (ie: he makes up his own mind).

Ben Franklin also had his own ideas.

All of these men have one common thing they do the most: they read & read & read. They read from elites. Buffett said he reads at least 7 hours a day. So does Munger. Probably more. They’ve both been described by their respective families as being books with legs.

Ben Franklin loved books & made a lot of money in the printing business. Earlier in life, he even slept at his printing press job so that he could read more books.

I think the elites share a way of thinking that is not common in the world. The more we read how elites think, our mind becomes in sync with that vibration of thought.

And then somehow we’ll get connected & tuned in to the source of all that is: infinite abundance.

I’m just new to the discovery of elites – I have a lot of work still to do. I hope to read more about Lincoln, FDR, Edison, Darwin, Newton, etc. And I’m super excited to be at this stage in my hero’s journey!

Final Thoughts:

Keep hope alive. All is well. This is part of the journey. It’s not easy or fun & you’ll look back and cringe at all the money you’ve spent – especially on turds with raisins.

I do & I have. I’m not a pro either. But I’m happier today than I’ve ever been. And I’m just getting started.

Taking it a step further, I’m here to beg you to stop reading my Garbage + Noise site & go directly to the source yourself. Start reading things written by the elites!

It’s FREE – how much better could it get?

: )


I remembered my pyramid looks very similar to the pyramid on the one dollar bill!

The Great Seal ~ One the reverse side of the U.S. One Dollar Bill ~

The 1782 resolution adopting the seal blazons the image on the reverse as a pyramid unfinished. In the zenith an eye in a triangle, The pyramid is conventionally shown as consisting of 13 layers of blocks to refer to the 13 original states. There are also 13 sides shown on the ribbon. The adopting resolution provides that it is inscribed on its base with the date MDCCLXXVI (1776) in Roman numerals.

Two mottos appear: Annuit Cœptis signifies that the Eye of Providence has “approved of (our) undertakings.”Novus Ordo Seclorum, freely taken from Virgil, means “a new order of the ages.” It is incorrectly rendered as “New World Order” by some theorists, and “a new secular order” by others. The word seclorum does not mean “secular,” as one might assume, but is the genitive (possessive) plural form of the word saeculum, meaning (in this context) generation, century, or age. Saeculum did come to mean “age, world” in late, Christian, Latin, and “secular” is derived from it, through secularis. However, the adjective “secularis,” meaning “worldly,” is not equivalent to the genitive plural seclorum, meaning “of the ages.”.

Where the top of the pyramid should be, the Eye of Providence watches over it. The Eye of Providence, or “all-seeing eye,” was a well-known classical symbol of the Renaissance. The eye in a triangle design originally was suggested by Pierre Eugene du Simitiere, and later heraldist William Barton improved upon the design.

Source of note & photo: Hammer51012

Robert Bartus October 17, 2012 at 6:46 pm

So, what do you recommend to read and who to listen to, except Buffet and few folks you mentioned? :) Can you just at the end make summary of what to invest time in EXCEPT the source? :P

Deepak Nair October 17, 2012 at 8:23 pm

Hey Rob. Good question! I’m a newbie myself & open to your suggestions.
This is what I’m thinking:
1. Figure out some elite heroes we want to emulate (ie: Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Warren Buffett, Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, The Beatles etc).
This took some time for me to figure out who I wanted to emulate. Before, I was asking the wrong type of questions = ie: how to make money fast. how to hook up with a girl. When I asked those questions, I just ended up buying info products from clickbank etc. These people were just usually no name marketers selling $19.99 items.
The problem with most marketers are they might be well-intentioned but they are just selling us “get this fast” products. No true successful person got it “fast”. It takes a long time with incremental growth. (ie: good read on this is the book Mastery by George Leonard)
The question I needed to ask was: who are some well-regarded people in our society who already have what I want = happiness, wealth, fitness. Since I’m really into wealth building – that’s usually what I focus most of my time on.

2. Start reading a bio/autobio about our heroes. Usually in that book – the hero will mention some of his heroes & favorite books.
I liked Phil Jackson since he’s the winningest coach in NBA & a Chicago icon. Couple of his favorite books = Zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance and Zen Mind, Beginners Mind. He talked about doing peyote on indian reservation.
Steve Jobs – read his book & he mentioned LSD, fruit diet, traveling to india & other things. Both Phil & Steve put the idea of psychedelics in my mind = which led me to try mushrooms & ayahuasca.
Eben Pagan mentioned Buffett a lot. So I read him. Then, Buffett mentioned Charlie Munger as being his equal. So then I read Munger’s book. He regards Ben Franklin as his hero. Ben Franklin mentions some other books he loves. Then Franklin mentioned not believing in religion but believing in a source/providence/higher power where he gets his ideas from.

3) Once we fill our minds with all the things our heroes know, we naturally become like them & things around us change. Because there’s really no difference between us and them other than they just know something we don’t know….yet!

Robert Bartus October 18, 2012 at 6:36 am

Cool, yeah, it is all up to questions, which lead us back to “be careful what you wish for” :) I am really big fan of Brian Tracy. He has really deep stuff, he also mention a laws of Universe, and that “something” which he calls the “Superconscious mind”. Check for example this one: ;).

Deepak Nair October 20, 2012 at 11:41 pm

Dude! Nice link – am checking it out now. Had heard of Tracy before but never researched him, will now. Thanks for sharing man

Deepak Nair October 26, 2012 at 9:59 pm

Yo Rob, wanted to thank you again for the Brian Tracy link. It’s super powerful & awesome.

Robert Bartus November 14, 2012 at 3:37 pm

Happy you liked it :) There are lot of his stuff circulating on internet, everything is awesome!

Christine January 6, 2015 at 10:50 pm

Hi Deepak,
It’s 2015 and I just stumbled upon your video on Youtube and gave it a listen because the title made me smile. I have often thought most online marketers are shit. Your naivety in buying their expensive products made me sadly smile; I think anyone who can afford to spend so much on such stuff is already earning enough money to invest; and the only ‘secret’ to meeting women is simple friendly charm; but it was a part of your spiritual quest. Your reaching a kind of enlightenment and ending up talking about the works of great intellectuals and even of source was a surprise and delight at the end. I’m very happy for you. I was lucky to have discovered the ‘elite’ Ralph Waldo Emerson while in high-school. I read ‘Self-Reliance’ to get me through those tough days, and it stuck with me for many years. I found ‘source’ at the end of a long journey that started with me ditching Christianity, then through Eastern religions, to western philosophy, discovering Kierkegaard (a Christian philosopher) and re-gaining some Christian beliefs (faith and prayer), then to esoteric philosophy after reading Gilles Deleuze’ ‘Difference and Repetition’ at the same time as reading ‘The Holographic Universe’ (and the massive coincidence that the two books mirrored the same idea), and now I, too, am a huge believer in source and follower of Abraham/Ester Hicks. It was beautiful to hear about your journey and I am glad you have ended up at the right place. I have had MASSIVE ‘coincidences’ in my life thanks to the power of trusting in source, in visualising, and in living life with a sense of love and compassion for everyone/thing. I think that as time goes on more and more people will feel they can start to talk about this ‘secret’ and be less ostracised. I found it very surprising indeed how old the ‘secret’ is, with so many books written on it so long ago. I am grateful I stumbled upon your video to remind me to keep believing and loving; it wasn’t at all what I expected to find in a video called ‘Online Marketers are SHIT!’ haha! I hope you have continued to remember to trust in source as well. Cheers! :)