Me vs Neil deGrasse Tyson: How to Lose Weight

October 12, 2012

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This rant is a few yrs in the making. I remember reading on twitter a while back where Tyson kinda condescendingly responds to someone on how to lose weight: eat less & exercise. He remarked how simple that advice is yet no one wants to listen.

It really pissed me off because that’s not Neil’s circle of competence: he’s not a nutritionist, biologist, weight loss expert, etc. I use an analogy of how to stop drowning to compare to Neil’s weight loss advice.

Just because he’s smart in astrophysics doesn’t qualify him to give out weight loss advice. But I love Neil D Tyson – he’s a super nice guy, smart, funny & lovable.

The correct response from him should have been: “I have no idea how to lose weight – please check with a nutritionist!”

I also talk about how I’m losing weight, the Gabriel Method, Tim Ferriss & the Four Hour Body, Good Calories Bad Calories, & DDP Yoga – how & why listening to their advice usually doesn’t work for us in getting results.

It’s not just enough to listen to people’s advice, we also have to observe how they live – and we have to emulate them if we want to be as successful.

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