How to be Successful – Become Your Heroes

October 10, 2012

Great thoughts are flooding my mind & I wanted to share some of them here.

Do what others do, not what they say

I remember reading a Tony Robbins book a long time ago where he said we have to model our heros if we want to get the same results as them. We have to BE them. Absorb their essence.

Examples: A lot of people want to invest like Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger. So I started out looking to find their formulas in evaluating stocks. This is nowhere to be found! They don’t share their investing formulas but they’ll talk about anything else.

As I read more about these two wise men, I started noticing some of the things they do all the time.

Warren Buffett says he sits on his ass all day and reads & reads & reads. He reads annual reports of companies, the wall street journal, books & other articles. Literally all day, he reads. This is not an exaggeration.

For fun? He plays bridge. I used to think that was just a cutesy old man thing – but I read last night in one of the books that he believes bridge is the greatest game ever. The skills he learns & the decisions he makes while playing this game helps him make better investing decisions.

So my new goal: learn to play bridge.

Charlie Munger also reads. That’s all he really does. There can be a fire in the house and he wouldn’t notice it since he’s focused on reading. And he doesn’t read just financial books – he reads EVERYTHING.

He reads about Cicero, Cato the elder, Benjamin Franklin, Adam Smith, Robert Cialdini, Darwin, Pascal & more.

He reads about mathematics, geometry, politics, philosophy, biology, physics, economics, psychology, sociology & more. He probably reads fields that I don’t even know exist.

In pictures of him & his wife on vacation, he has a book in his hand. When he’s waiting at a restaurant for a friend, he’s reading something.

I’m being redundant here to make a point.

So my new goal: read about math, politics & other subjects I have no experience in.

Tim Ferriss is the face of the new rich – people who make passive income streams, let go of the old 9-5 work mentality & live life to the fullest now rather than waiting for retirement.

So we can read his thoughts in The Four Hour Work Week & try to apply them….or we can BECOME him. Did you know Ferriss eats a large amount of psychedelic mushrooms every year with his friends????!

Well, he revealed that on the Joe Rogan podcast. Do you think that has a positive effect on this expert life hacker in helping him achieve his goals? Hell yea!

But you won’t find that information listed on his website or any of his books.

Pat Flynn is a passive income machine. I visit his frequently to learn tips & to keep up with how his income streams are doing.

Everyone who wants to make money online will at some point make niche websites and sell ads on them + set up affiliate links. Then a few will also make their own eproducts (ebooks + videos + audio).

Pat does all of the above. But what makes him super successful? He clears about $55,000/month these days and around $25,000 (45%) comes from one single source.


He makes most of his money from his personal blog where he shares his secrets & people who follow his steps to make a website click on his affiliate link for Bluehost to setup their hosting.

And Bluehost pays Pat a recurring affiliate income for as long as people are signed up.

So, should we make niche websites to sell ads? We can & I have. But why not go for the gold & BECOME Pat Flynn.

His best qualities are that he’s nice, helpful & shares more personal information that most people. He lists EXACTLY how much money he makes every month, down to the penny. And he’s been doing that for over 4 years.

In addition to making blog posts, he also makes youtube videos, tweets & podcasts.

Lesson: Do you think I’m going to follow his footsteps? Damn right. I normally am a very transparent person in real life but online, used to be guarded.

Now I say fuck it to being guarded.

I have things to say & I want to say them exactly the way I want. So I’m sharing & baring it all on this website. Everything I learned about being successful, self-improvement & happiness.

My main goal is not to make money. It used to be long time ago. Everytime I set up a website to just make money, I ended up hating it.

I’m making this site because it’s fun to share things. And I learn the things better myself when I teach others.

Do I also want to make money? Hell yea. I want to be free. I want to join the new rich & be completely independent.

I’m hoping to hit the $$$ idea on how to make massive passive income streams while having fun along the way.

Final Thoughts:

What do your heroes do?

Want to be a great basketball player? Learn everything you can about Michael Jordan. Not just his basketball skills, but EVERY SINGLE thing he does.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich, used to have meetings (in his mind) with the 9 heroes he wanted to emulate. He would conversate (again, in his mind) every night with: Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison & more. You can read about that here.

I hope to emulate: Eckhart Tolle, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, FDR, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Einstein & a few others. I plan on doing that more seriously. And I intend to read as much about them and BE them as much as possible.

You get the idea. Hopefully, I did as well.