Steve Jobs 1983 Speech About Future of Computers

October 3, 2012


This is a must listen.

I wanted to embed this cool speech here for future reference. Steve talks about how computers will change our lives, how computers will connect with each other, radio waves (aka wifi), everyone walking around with email, tablet computers, and a lot of other predictions that eventually came true.

Did I mention all of this was said in a speech in 1983??! I was two back then & this guy is talking about ideas some of which are only being realized in 2012.

Just a refresher: Our family didn’t buy our first computer til 1995. Windows 95 didn’t come out til, well 1995. AOL came out in 1991, charging for internet by the minute via dialup. A lot of innovation happened in the 90s and 2000s. Can’t imagine someone picturing all of this back in 1983.

I’m listening to this hoping to rub off some of his thinking outside the box & visionary skills for myself!