Ep14 Therapy Podcast w/ Dr. Howard Weissman

October 3, 2012

Here I interview my therapist Dr. Howard Weissman of the Chicago Stress Relief Center in Northbrook, IL. He runs a wellness center that combines therapy, energy work, massage, float tanks & more all in one place. http://www.stressreliefcenter.com/

We talk about psychotherapy, lifeline energy work which his brother Darren Weissman created, how he cured his asthmatic reactions to eating chocolate via energy work, how he used a hypnotherapy mantra to overcome asthma + broken leg to run a chicago marathon, why he bought an isolation float tank for his office, how his brother got the idea for writing books via floating, how his energy work helped me stop eating bad carbs for 8 weeks & running, how my creativity output is on overload & more.

You can watch in real time how I go from being super nervous to comfortable as the conversation progresses.

This is the first time I’m recording a video podcast – used a flipcam ultra hd on the doc & a front facing ipad2 camera on myself. Used imovie 11 to sync the two videos side by side – took a bunch of hours to get it right. Was super fun to figure it out though.

I also kept thinking the ipad camera was dark while recording, forgot I had the brightness level on low to conserve battery. Noobie move, I know.

As always: unedited, uncut & raw video. Keepin it real.

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