China Communism is Good – Charlie Munger

September 30, 2012

I’m becoming more & more of a fanboy of everything Charlie Munger says. To think I only discovered he exists this year is crazy – I’ve been alive for 30 years without hearing this wisdom! Well, thanks Charlie, youtube & the internet.

I wanted to post this because I automatically think China is bad because of their human rights abuses, corruption, communism, currency manipulation & other things us liberals in the United States don’t like.

Charlie Munger usually has a way of illuminating the other side of the argument in a smart way.

Like he says, it’s easy for us in the states to be judgmental of other countries – but we have had a huge head start on the rest of the world.

We’re lucky. First of all, we are surrounded on both sides by large oceans – so we were relatively safe for many many years while countries in Asia & Europe constantly have to worry about their borders.

And he says he is not arrogant enough to think everyone in every part of the world has to live exactly the way we do in the United States. There is space for many different types of policies.

Eventually, the other countries will catch up – and I hope they do. Their people deserve it.