Bashar Explains Nuclear War Prohibition

September 30, 2012

UFOs intervene in stopping nuclear detonation & huge world wars by messing with the launch codes and other methods.

As crazy as this sounds, I remember reading in the book – UFOs: Generals, Pilots & Government Officials Go on the Record – a lot of military personnel reporting weird interference with the nuclear sites.

Could this be true? Sounds possible if we really do live in an infinite parallel reality multiverse where space & time are an illusion.

I guess technically in our human history, only 2x did anyone drop nukes – both times by the US on Japan.

Given the amount of nukes available in the world today (even pakistan, israel & india have nukes), and all the wild militant rhetoric coming from the middle east, we have yet to go down the path of nuclear world wars.

Let’s keep it that way! Thank you to our alien buddies for interfering in a positive way.