What to Expect After Death

September 23, 2012

Dr. Raymond Moody is a psychologist, medical doctor & a researcher of near death experiences. In this video, he discusses the topic of what we can expect after dying.

My thoughts on death:

This is something I only discovered in the past year: ideas of out of body experiences, near death experiences, lucid dreaming, etc.

As I read more and more about this subject, I’m finding clues that there is more to this life than we can see.

There are many doctors, physicists, journalists & other smart people conducting research on death and all the information coming back is truly fascinating.

For starters, you can look up: Dr Raymond Moody, Physicist Thomas Warren Campbell Jr (nasa, missile defense), Robert Monroe (out of body experience researcher), Gregg Braden (computer science), Bruce Lipton (biologist), Graham Hancock (journalist, researcher), Terence McKenna (psychedelic adventurer), Bashar (alien channel), & Abraham-Hicks (law of attraction channel)

Common rebuttals by science:

I can picture the rational/atheist/scientist type to just roll their eyes and shake their heads at the lack of “evidence.” But I think we should not just write off all anecdotal evidences coming from all types of people from different backgrounds, countries, etc. I doubt everyone is lying about these experiences.

Another common rebuttal I hear is that the human mind can be tricked and we have a hard time distinguishing what is real vs what is an illusion.

Humans also have a hard time describing something they just saw – as can be seen by interviewing a crowd of people at an event – everyone will have a different point of view.

Last thing I’ll say to my scientist friends is that they are at the leading edge of rational discoveries in our society. They live by the code of repeatable experiments & hard evidence before believing something to be true.

Yet, there are super smart scientists who are religious! How is that possible?

My rebuttal to the rebuttal:

Even though it is a valid point that the human mind can be tricked into seeing something that’s not there – I will just say this. I can use a laser pointer on the floor and trick a cat to chase it all over the house. A cat, with superior smell and other senses than us humans should know that the light is not a real living thing.

Yet, it will jump and bend over backwards chasing that light. That does not make the cat dumb. Pit the cat against a prey (a mouse, flies, spider, whatever) and it will become a super predator with amazing killing skills.

Just because humans can be tricked with illusions and tricks or sometimes have bad memory doesn’t mean all the out of body experiences or near death experiences are not real.

Same goes for psychedelic experiences where we can communicate with higher beings and the universe.

It’s just as likely that something WILL happen after we die as opposed to nothing will happen. We have to admit that no one really knows – not even the best scientists.

So we should look at all phenomena with an open mind and investigate it as best as we can.

Analogy of our lives in this reality:

Us humans vs true full multidimensional reality is equivalent to the bacteria in our guts to earth.

The bacteria could do all the science in the world but it will never know that its existence is dependent on grocery stores, farms, restaurants, plants, sun light, and a million other things working in conjunction to get food from out there into our mouths and finally into our stomach.

The most it can ever find out is information about our stomach, intestines etc – if they are lucky.

We can do all the science in the fields of physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, whatever – we will never fully know all the factors affecting our lives here on earth in this reality.

It’s silly to assume all that exists is what we’ve found through mainstream science and all spiritual ideas are dumb.

Most likely we will find out what everything is all about when we die.

Or ….nothing will happen!

Credit: The analogy of the bacteria is something I read somewhere in a book but can’t recall. Once I find out, I will place a link here.

Elements of the near-death experience:

From a study of 150 people who had clinically died or almost died, Moody concluded that there are nine experiences common to most people who have had a near death experience.

These are:
hearing sounds such as buzzing
a feeling of peace and painlessness
having an out-of-body experience
a feeling of traveling through a tunnel
a feeling of rising into the heavens
seeing people, often dead relatives
meeting a spiritual being such as God
seeing a review of one’s life
feeling a reluctance to return to life

Source: wikipedia