Abraham Hicks vs Angry Bitter Guy

September 21, 2012

Wow. I just finished watching this intense 23min video & it’s worthy of posting. I highly recommend it if you’re into law of attraction, creating your own reality, experiencing unhappiness, know of abraham hicks, etc.

Angry bitter guy eloquently shares his misery with Esther Hicks on why her teachings are naive & he is experiencing pure misery even though he claims to practice the teachings.

This is intense and the conversation is well worth watching.

Update: The bottom line is whatever you believe will be proven 100% right.

So if you believe the earth sucks, everyone is miserable, the government is run by crooks, the big banks are after you, etc – then you WILL be proven right. You will find evidence all day every day. And in finding this evidence, your belief system will be reinforced and the cycle will continue until you just live a super miserable life.

You can also believe that every one is doing their best and that even if bad people exist, they will not interact with you (since you won’t put out that signal), and you can focus on all the good that’s happening out there – you will find evidence to back up that belief – which will reinforce your belief and that positive cycle will continue.

Just because other humans choose to experience negative events doesn’t mean you have to carry their burden of pain. And just because you think someone is experiencing pain & suffering doesn’t mean they really are suffering as bad as you think they’re feeling.

I 100% agree that your belief becomes your reality. I’ve done the cynical, paranoid, miserable lifestyle and I’ve done the positive, motivated & happy lifestyle. I’d rather choose the latter.

The universe is like a videogame. It’s a choose-your-path type game where you are the hero and you can experience whatever you want. You can experience evil and unhappiness if you want – the universe is loving enough to let you experience that. It’s up to you. You have free will.

You can also choose to experience the good and live your own hero’s journey.

Even on the path of happiness, there will be bumps in the road. Otherwise the journey would not be fun. Like in the video, Esther knows more about law of attraction than probably anyone on this earth and she still got a kidney stone. So what? That didn’t stop her from being positive. This roller coaster we call life wouldn’t be fun if there weren’t some twists & turns and a few bumps along the way.

In the end, no matter what, everyone is going to die. You can’t cheat death (nor do I think you would want to). Living forever would not be fun. It’s like playing only one video game for the rest of your life – or eating the same turkey sandwich for breakfast, lunch & dinner for eternity.

At some point, we will die and move onto another game.

We are all eternal beings living infinite lives in infinite parallel realities.

Sure, there is no hard evidence to prove that. There are just glimpses of things that happen in this reality to give us a clue (near death experiences, psychedelics, channeling, religious text, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, law of attraction, meditation, etc).

If we truly knew the rules of the game, the game would no longer be fun. We wouldn’t take life seriously. It’s just like in a play, a magic show or in pro wrestling – the character has to pretend all of this is real for it to work.

No need to break the fourth wall!