How To Lose Weight – The Deepak Nair Diet

August 15, 2012

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There’s no stopping our weight loss train once we get started!

After 15 years of trying – I think I’ve finally stumbled upon the right way to eat & lose weight.

This diet combines every piece of good theory I’ve found into one easy to use comprehensive program.

We’re going to take apart the whole car and put it back together piece by piece rather than just paint the bumper!

Let’s call this The Deepak Nair Diet!

This is going to sound like a lot of work – but trust me, just do it.

Instead of going from one fad diet to another and letting the years pass by – let’s finally lose weight and live life the way we’ve always wanted to!

UPDATE: To see the most up to date supplements & weight loss techniques I’m doing right now – please take a look at my weight loss page.

The Deepak Nair Diet consists of these aspects

1. Our Mindset
a. Quiet our mind
b. Use the tools
c. Use positive self talk
d. Only do fun things
e. Get acquainted with your shadow
f. Work with an expert
g. Build a mastermind group
h. Try psychedelics

2. What to Eat
a. Paleo diet
b. Sample fast food meals
c. Juicing & green shakes
d. Supplements
e. Drink water
f. Eat protein every 2 hrs (not relevant)

3. Exercise
a. What to do
b. How to tolerate working out

1. Our Mindset:

(Photo by Jim Epler)

This is the most important part of the diet!

No matter how much willpower or momentum we have in the first few weeks of a new diet, our success depends upon working together with our mind for the long haul. This means our conscious AND subconscious has to be in sync with our goal!

a. Quiet Our Mind:
Meditate 2x a day for 20 mins.

Sit in a comfortable chair, eyes closed. Set the timer on your phone for 20 minutes.

Repeat one of the following mantras (or make one of your own nonsensical echoing 2 syllable word) in your mind, over and over.


Quieting the mind is super important and daily meditation will improve your mindset and negative self-talk. It will also reduce stress and other late-night binge triggers.

I don’t care what your opinion is of meditation, just fucking do it!!

Credit: My Big Toe by Physicist Thomas Warren Campbell Jr., Transcendental Meditation

b. Use The Tools:
Use reversal of desire, active love, inner authority, the grateful flow & jeopardy – use it over and over, use it every day.

I currently use reversal of desire almost on a daily basis to do the things that I need to do but tend to avoid (think: exercise, eating healthy, drinking green shakes, grocery shopping instead of ordering delivery).

Too long to explain here so just read the book. Trust me, life-changing stuff.

There’s also a helpful app.

Credit: The Tools by Barry Michels & Phil Stutz

c. Use Positive Self-Talk:

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.
I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest.”

– Muhammad Ali

Create your own excellence mantra that you can repeat to yourself whenever you get the chance.

ie: When you’re bored, driving, starting to feel a little down, working out, washing dishes….. whenever!

My current mantra is: I AM A CHAMPION!

Sometimes I mix it up with: I am a jedi champion, I am the world heavyweight champ, I am the greatest of all time, etc.

Remember, we spend a lot of time sleeping. And a lot of our day’s work can be easily unraveled by our subconscious during dream time.

And if we have a poor dream cycle (even if we don’t remember it) – our mind will sabotage our health efforts the next day by sending signals to stop by at the white castle drive thru for a binge.

What we’re doing here is feeding our shadow & our subconscious with positive reinforcement. We are programming ourselves so that even during our sleep, our mind will remember that we are a champion!


To cement that into my psyche, I even bought a wwe world heavyweight title and wear it often! Do whatever it takes. It’s our life.

Credit: Dr. Weissman of Chicago Stress Relief Center, Jedi clan friend, Dr Paul & Eben Pagan

d. Only Do Fun Things:
This is going to sound crazy but I am serious. Hate your job? Find a way to quit! Hate rush hour traffic? Move closer! Don’t have money? Figure out a way to make more money. Learn finance, stocks, passive income strategies, get an extra job, whatever it takes. Dislike friends/family/neighbors/coworkers? Distance yourself from them.

For example: I recently quit my job (even though it paid well & I was the “boss”). I also stopped hanging out with negative friends/family. I try to do only fun things all day – as much as possible.

I dislike doing dishes – so use paper plates. I dislike doing laundry – so I take it to a drop-off laundromat (they wash & fold for me). I disliked a lot of my old clothes – so finally threw them out and started buying custom indie design shirts off of & etc. Cost is same as my old clothes, maybe even cheaper.

A lot of the gadget lights were bugging me at night (ie: the lights on my roku, wii, etc) – so used a dark tape to cover them up.

I had this 6 year old small metal fan that was as loud as a jet engine. I suffered through it for many years since it technically worked. I finally bought a whisper quiet fan a few weeks ago and it has improved my mood infinitely. The old fan used to annoy me daily and disturb my sleep.

I’m not a master yet but I’m slowly replacing un-fun things/people/places/food in my life with fun ones.

Let’s take it a step further. Do parts of The Deepak Nair Diet sound un-fun??! (Then punch yourself in the face). Ok just kidding.

Feel free to adjust the tips listed here to suit your comfort and creativity. I am just listing things that are working for me.

Doing only fun things = reduces stress = makes subconscious-self happy = less binge eating & sabotage.


Credit: Abraham-Hicks, Bashar, Women Food & God, Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much, Gabriel Method, Andrea’s Answer, Jim Rohn, Richard Branson, and a lot of other very successful people

e. Get Acquainted With Your Shadow:

I wrote a whole post here on how to do it.

Credit: Carl Jung

f. Work With An Expert:
A psychotherapist, energy worker, healer, counselor, life coach, whatever. Someone who gets it. It will get you out of your mind to work with an expert. Faster results also.

I work with Dr. Weissman using psychotherapy & the life-line energy technique to work with my body & mind to cement in my weight loss & life improvement goals.

Credit: Dr. Weissman of Chicago Stress Relief Center

g. Build a Mastermind Group:

Find one or two others who are also looking to lose weight or accomplish some other goal in their life.

Create a small mastermind group – a clan, a team, a crew, an army, whatever you want to name it.

Two friends & I created a “clan” – we call it our Jedi Clan.

We all have different goals (lose weight, get a new job, attract a mate, etc). We chat often online, text each other with words of encouragement, meet once a month or so to talk – and also created a private google site to blog.

On the blog, we vent our frustrations, talk about our accomplishments, comment on each others posts, etc. Positive encouragement, building momentum, etc.

There’s something about having someone on your side who you can talk to – you will learn and grow more this way than if you were to do it all on your own. “No man is an island!”

Create your own clan.

Update: instead of google sites (or other blogging platforms), we switched to – a free private social network. Has apps for phone – looks & feels like facebook. Perfect for our & your mastermind group.

Credit: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

h. Try Psychedelics:

Optional but highly recommended. Try psychedelic mushrooms & ayahuasca. Maybe dmt & lsd. Will change your view of self, life, reality, & everything!

I strongly believe psychedelics can help us become better people.

Have an expanded view of reality = be a better person = less stress = more happiness = higher self-esteem & confidence = builds positive momentum = healthy eating = being super fit = becoming a champion of life!

Eg: After doing ayahuasca in April 2012, I have yet to crave a diet coke and lost all sugar cravings. Before that, I used to chug diet cokes all day and binge ate cookies, cakes, brownies, donuts, etc.

Warning: Know that psychedelics are illegal in most western countries. Also, you need to know what you are doing – have the right frame of mind, may need sitters and take other necessary safety precautions.

Don’t feel comfortable using psychedelics? That’s ok. Look into using an isolation (float) tank – many report it is highly psychedelic and a super therapeutic experience. It’s safe and legal!

I’ve used a float tank a bunch of times and absolutely love it. Hope to own my own tank one day!

Credit: Joe Rogan, Aubrey Marcus, Tim Ferriss, Terence McKenna, The Beatles, Phil Jackson, Steve Jobs, George Carlin, The Spirit-Vine, CNN, Time Magazine, and many others

2. What To Eat:

(Photo by Professor Bop)

a. Paleo Diet:
Eat lots of vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, omega 3 eggs & raw unsalted nuts (we can salt it at home).

Look for organic, grass fed, cage free, wild caught, hormone free, etc.

No portion control. No counting calories. Eat as much as needed to feel full.

Load up on the veggies as much as you can, then go nuts with protein. Fruit preferably eaten earlier in the day.

Liquids: Drink water, unsweetened iced tea, green/kombucha/yerba mate tea etc.

Avoid: processed food, sugar, legumes (beans, peanuts), dairy, grain, starches, soda (diet + regular) & alcohol.

Almond milk instead of cow milk
Almond butter instead of peanut butter
Almond meal instead of flour
Sweet potato instead of regular potato

Couple glasses of wine is acceptable per day since it has health benefits (resveratrol in red wine aids fat loss).

Small quantities of 70%+ cacao chocolate ok.

According to DDP:
Bison is the best type of meat.
Use nutritious Celtic Sea Salt instead of regular.

What is the paleo diet?
The Beginner’s Guide To Paleo Diet
Grocery ideas
Printable shopping list
Paleo Treats – Paleo friendly dessert. Brownies/mustang bars = great. Mac attack = didn’t like.

Credit: Robb Wolf (The Paleo Solution), DDP Yoga, Good Calories Bad Calories, Four Hour Body, Gabriel Method, Andrea’s Answer, Wheat Belly, Why We Get Fat, Primal Blueprint, Nerd Fitness

b. My sample fast food meals
It’s super important to check the ingredient list as well as allergies to make sure the items are fully acceptable for our health style.

ie: Recently found out that a lof of the beef patties at fast food places have that pink slime filler & even subway’s chicken is pumped with tons of preservatives and chemicals (as is most of their meat). I used to think subway was the healthiest place to eat but that’s not the case!

Chipotle: salad bowl w/ double meat, fajita veg (say no to: beans, sour cream, cheese, rice), mild salsa (the one w/ tons of tomatoes) + hot salsa on the side. Can add guac also. (Menu/Allergens/Ingredients)

Five Guys: Bacon Burger (say no to: fries, cheese, mayo, throw out bun) – comes with double patty & bacon. Add grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, pickles, jalapenos. Combine w/ salad from some other place. (Menu/Allergens)

Boston Market: meat + two veg sides (spinach, grilled veg, green beans) (say no to: corn bread). (Menu/Allergens)

Denny’s: Omelette w/ meat, side of broccoli (say no to: toast, hash browns). (Menu/Allergens)

Portillos: italian combo (sausage w/ beef) + hot peppers + juice on side (throw out bun). Combine w/ garden salad from here or mcdonald’s or steak n shake. (Menu)

Gyro platter: only meat + onions (no pita/fries). Get a salad somewhere, combine the two. I also use the tzatziki sauce for a little flavor.

Steak n shake: royale burger has double meat, bacon, fried egg (say no to mayo, cheese, fries, throw out bun). Get a garden side salad & combine. (Menu/Allergens)

Taco Bell: get a bunch of crunchy beef tacos w/ double meat (say no to everything else, throw out shells) – put on a garden salad from someplace else. (Menu/Allergens/Ingredients)

Subway: salad = spinach + veg + double roast beef + oil + red wine vinegar + salt/pepper. This is the most optimized combo I found with least gluten, chemicals, etc. Tuna is also a safe option. (Menu/Allergens/Ingredients)

Buona Beef: Naked Combo (comes w/ sausage, beef, peppers – say no to cheese) + side caesar salad (no croutons/cheese). (Menu/Allergens)

Indian Food: butter chicken/chicken curry/bindi + combine w/ salad from some place else.

Sweet Tomatoes: Amazing salad bar. All you can eat. (Menu)

Note: These may not be 100% paleo (ie: eggs prob not cage free @ denny’s, other items may contain little bit of sugar, dairy, chemicals or gluten) but it hits the spot when you’re out and busy. The goal here is to stay as close to the plan as possible without going insane!

c. Juicing & Green Shakes:

My favorite way to eat vegetables is to make a green shake using a Vitamix blender.

I use kale, banana, apple, coconut oil, whey protein.
Sometimes I add blue/blackberries or spinach.

You can also get into juicing fruits & vegetables for a boost of quick release energy.

Credit: Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, Kevin James, Joe Rogan, DDP Yoga

d. Supplements:

These are essential:
Cod Liver Oil
Digestive Enzymes

Periobiotic toothpaste
Coconut Oil
Whey Protein

Credit: The Gabriel Method, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Weil, Mark Sisson, Aubrey Marcus, Four Hour Body

e. Drink Water:

Obvious. Just do it.

If drinking tap water (like me) – use a filter. The type that you can store in the fridge.

Drink 1qt of water per 50lbs of bodyweight you have.

I am supposed to drink 6qts of water per day – don’t always reach this goal but get close. Just get one of those big dasani 1qt water bottles & refill at home.

Credit: Dr. Weissman, Everyone in the world

f. Eat Protein Every 2 Hours:
I have yet to master this but I’ve been told this really helps to eat a palmful of protein every 2 hours we are awake.

Get a bunch of raw nuts (pecans, almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, etc) or some other type of protein.

I think this has to do with keeping our body fueled and metabolism on a roll.

Like frequently putting coal into a roaring fire on a train. Once our body/train is running at full steam, there is no stopping us!

Credit: Dr Weissman

3. Exercise:

(Photo by Synergy by Jasmine)

I know. No one wants to do this. Especially if you’re overweight.

Forget getting a gym membership for now.

a. What To Do:
Let’s make it easy. Just move, as much as you can tolerate.

3-4x a week for 20-40mins.

I started with walking for 15 mins, then moved to 45 mins of wii boxing and now moving on up to ddp yoga etc.

Start small – you will move up naturally.

wii fit
wii boxing
ddp yoga
netflix yoga
free yoga videos on youtube
body weight squats

Credit: Hacker’s Diet, DDP Yoga, many others

b. How To Tolerate Working Out:
Listen to a new podcast episode or any kind of audio to keep your mind off the boredom of working out.

I pop in a new episode of a comedy podcast (joe rogan, robert kelly, you made it weird, etc), a wrestling podcast, or an hour of abraham hicks.

WHATEVER IT TAKES to get yourself to do a little movement every few days.

Use the reversal of desire as much as you can all day to get yourself to do it. This works. Trust me. I do this dozens of times the night before or the day of to get myself psyched to work out.

We’re not working out to burn calories. Fuck calories. We are moving around to FEEL GOOD.

Your mind (especially the subconscious) will feel pride that you finally worked out. And regularly.

Even though you didn’t lose any significant weight yet, once you move around regularly – you will gain self-confidence. Which means, you will go to the grocery store more, run errands, etc.

This positive momentum will build up to the point where you will workout harder, burn calories, build muscle, and stay on the healthy lifestyle longer.

Then one day, when you are moving around, your mind will reward you with a new cool idea. Something you’ve been trying to figure out for a long time – or a new cool project you can work on.

I guarantee it.

This is a way to reverse engineer the mind to stay on track. One way is to meditate and then the body follows. By working out, the body moves and the mind follows.

Credit: ME!

Amit August 16, 2012 at 12:28 am

Keep up the good work with your weight loss ambition! These are some great ideas.

Deepak Nair August 16, 2012 at 1:05 am

Thanks Amit! I hope to be as sexy & manly as you are