Ep 11 – (R)Evolution

July 30, 2012

(Photo by Vectorportal)

Talking about meeting resistance when creating art, online dating, things every girl talks about on her dating profile, average people, how twitter makes you a better person, handwriting analysis, reverse engineering happines by blogging, my taco bell doritos locos dream, psychotherapy, energy work, lifeline technique, inner game is everything, transcendental meditation costing $1500, how our operating system makes america the greatest country/system in the history of mankind, how our individual operating system is important in success & happiness, how to evolve and create a revolution. Long live jedis! What’re ya waiting for, hit play now. Thanks for listening.

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Handwriting Analysis

Lifeline Technique by Darren Weissman

Intro to energy work

How twitter makes you a better (and happier) person – by Tony Hsieh

Transcendental Meditation
(Practiced by Jerry Seinfeld, Garry Shandling, Howard Stern, Beatles, Russell Brand, Russell Simmons, Oprah and others)