Easily transfer your domains from godaddy to namecheap

July 27, 2012

I originally transfered my hosting out of godaddy to bluehost. Now I’m transferring all of my domains from godaddy to namecheap.

1) Namecheap is much cheaper.
2) Godaddy just seems douchey – from their lame sexed up ads to their elephant hunting ceo.

The first time I transfered a bunch of domains – it took a few weeks and didn’t go thru as smoothly as I would have liked.

Now I have an easy and fast domain transferring process that takes a few hours to complete rather than a week.

Our work will only take a few minutes to do.

1. Log into godaddy > click on “my account” on top left > click “launch” next to domains

2. Unlock the domain you want to transfer (if it’s locked). Just click the lock image next to the domain.

3. Undo privacy (if applicable). You’ll need to click on that icon that looks like dark shadowy people.

Note: This requires logging into domains by proxy account. If you forgot your customer id & password – go thru the process of:
a) forgot login information > retrieve customer number
b) once you have your customer number > then reset password.
c) log into your privacy account > delete the privacy for your domain

4. Now, while in domain manager in godaddy, click on the domain name. Under contacts (at the bottom) – make sure it shows your current/active email address. This is important. If not, change it to one you use.

5. In the same screen, under “domain information,” go to “authorization code” and click on “send by email.” You’ll need this code to initiate the transfer in namecheap.

6. Sign up for/log into namecheap.com. Under domains > click on “transfer a domain.”

7. Enter your domain(s) you want to transfer. Go thru the checkout process.

Before buying, search google for a “namecheap coupon code” or check this site. There are usually a few out there for transferring domains. Here’s one for July 2012: SWITCH2NC.

8. After buying, click on domains > transfer domains > manage transfers. Submit the “epp code” (same as “authorization code” from step 5).

9. You will get an email from namecheap shortly (within an hr) regarding the transfer. Click on the link in the email > opens a website for transfer process > click “i approve” and submit.

10. You will now get an email from godaddy (may take up to an hr). It will say the transfer will automatically go thru in about 4 days.

11. You can fast track this by logging into godaddy > clicking on my account > launch domain manager > hover mouse over “domains” at the top left > click on “pending transfers” > click “accept/decline” > “accept transfer.”

12. That’s it. The transfer should go thru within 5-30 mins.

Super easy!