How to play youtube videos as just audio on iphone or ipad

July 11, 2012

play youtube videos as just audio on iphone or ipad!
(Photo by LJR.MIKE)

I use youtube quite a bit – usually to listen to music, podcasts or long speeches.

I’ve always hoped that I could just play the audio and have the iphone or ipad on lock (for portability + to save battery + to avoid accidentally closing the video).

Yesterday, by accident, I figured out how to do this!

Just use the youtube app in ipad/iphone to play your video of choice.


1. Press home button to exit out of the video.
2. Press the home button twice so that the currently running apps menu pops up from the bottom.
3. Swipe from left to right to see the play/pause menu – just press play here and it’ll play just the audio.
4. You can safely lock the iphone/ipad and the audio will keep playing! Best ever!

This method probably works for the videos app and other forms of video – I just haven’t had a chance to test it yet.

Thanks apple! My life is infinitely more productive and easier thanks to your tech products.

UPDATE: After this post, I did a search and found others had figured out this trick back in 2010! I’m 2yrs late to the party in figuring this out. Better late than never (positive spin).