What Happens After You Die?

July 8, 2012

(Photo by Rob H)

The most important question we all face (and avoid) is what happens when we die.

Is it really the end of our journey?
Do we cease to exist the moment our heart stops?
Is it painful to die?
Is there a judgement on how we live our lives – if we’re good, we get to go to heaven – if we’re bad – spend an eternity in hell?
Is there a god?
Do we die, then wake up in another reality?
Is there a higher self that always lives?
Is there a way to prevent death and live forever?
Are we all just one soul living trillions of separate lives?

While we all spend our time working, eating, sleeping, surfing the net, finding a mate, raising kids and whatever else – the clock to the end of our life is ticking.

You will die. It’s guaranteed.

How are you going to go? If we’re lucky, maybe in our sleep after living a fulfilled life – in our own bed, surrounded by our family?

Maybe you’re more adventurous and want to die in an epic way. Jumping out of a plane, the parachute doesn’t open and you splatter all over a mountain.

Your family & friends may mourn your loss. Others will fight to split up your possessions and go to court over it.

Parents are scared that their kids may die before they do. Kids are scared their parents may die early and they’ll be all alone in this world.

If you met your soulmate, your partner dying early must be one of the biggest fears.

I’ve done some research on this topic and this my understanding on the topic.

My understanding of life after death:

-We are all eternal beings – we can never not exist.
-All things happen at the same time – past/present/future is an illusion
-There is a higher self that communicates with us
-Our body in this reality can die but our higher self never dies
-We are multidimensional beings: living multiple lives in multiple realities all at the same time
-We can communicate with our higher selves thru dreams, intuition, meditation, inspiration, etc
-Our only purpose in life is to follow our highest joy/excitement at any given moment (Bashar)
-We create our own reality (good & bad) – some do it consciously/joyously – others unconsciously
-Pain/suffering happens when we move away from following our highest joy
-When we die, we will wake up in another dimension and this life will seem like a dream
-There are joyous higher dimensional beings helping/guiding us, and we will be greeted by them when we die, helping us in the transition
-We can choose to come back and continue this life (ie: near death experience) or we can choose to move onto another path in our soul’s journey by living another life in this reality or another reality
-The strongest force in the universe is love
-You can’t get it wrong and you will never get it done (Abraham Hicks)

How to prove all of this?

“How do you find a lion that has swallowed you?” – Carl Jung

OK – whatever I said above may sound like complete nonsensical bs. I get it. If you’ve only learned what mainstream science/education/religion has taught us – most of these things will sound like crazy talk.

That’s ok.

The main thing you have to realize is that if you have a vested interest in atheism, science or religion, it will be hard to have an open mind on this topic.

It’s just like how a white sox fan will always hate cubs fans. Can you imagine getting into a fight with someone on what color jersey they’re wearing? Yet it happens everyday at the ballpark.

Well, all we can do is use every thing in our disposal to figure this out. This means we have to use science, religion, philosophy, paranormal activity, dreams, psychology, biology, evolution, channeled info, intuition, psychics, psychedelics, shamans, ufos, movies, music, fiction, etc – all together.

Theory of Life/Death by Science & Authors:

The best example of this is by the physicist Thomas Campbell – the author of My Big TOE (Theory of Everything). He is an expert in lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, physics, etc – used everything he knows into one theory about everything.

Want to know what is reality? What happens after we die? How to visit different dimensions and realities? Then watch this video below. It’s a little dry and slow moving but very worth it.

Anthony Peake, author, on the daemon aka your higher self

Anthony Peake & Thomas Campbell – consciousness creates reality

Robert Monroe – out of body experience expert

Theory of Death by Channelers:

Bashar – what happens after we die

Bashar – death & dreams of loved ones

Bashar – 4 laws of creation + creating your reality

Bashar – the oversoul

Abraham Hicks – putting death in proper perspective

Abraham Hicks – afraid of death

Abraham Hicks – what is our death experience like

How to experience the soul/spirit world:

Psychedelics (mushrooms, peyote, ayahuasca, lsd, dmt, etc)
Isolation (float) tanks


The Matrix
Sixth Sense
Back to the Future
(I’ll add more to this list as I think of other movies)


Seth Material (My favorite is the Oversoul Seven)
Abraham Hicks
The Daemon
My Big Toe
Conversations with God
A Course in Miracles

Final Thoughts

If you’re already into this kinda stuff – what I listed here will be super familiar for you. If you’re a newbie to this world, I’m sure you’re a bit overwhelmed, as I was when first learning of this stuff.

What I’ve listed above hopefully piqued your curiosity and you will begin your own journey of learning more about this topic. This is just the very tip of the iceberg – use it as a guide to find related books/authors/ideas.

The bottom line is – we need not fear death.

Even if we fear death, that is ok because we can’t really die.

Even if we did really die and all of this information is wrong, there is nothing we can do about it. No one can cheat death.

Live life to the fullest. Be nice to people. Hang out with the jedis rather than the sith and use the force for good.

Got anything to add? I would love to hear your thoughts/comments or suggestions of movies/books etc. Just post a comment below.