Pics & Video Outtakes from Brazil

May 15, 2012

Day 1

Right after getting to the SpiritVine retreat – quick video of the dorm where we slept. 5 beds – had three total people staying in here (including me).

Day 3

So after the first night of ayahuasca + puking + diarrhea = I was happy to be alive and happy to be back to somewhat normal in the morning. I laid outside by the pond, feeling super hungover, tired, famished, paranoid. I attempt recording a video podcast (since I had visions of making podcasts during my ayahuasca slumber) – probably has a lot of swearing, was still feeling paranoid and hating everything/everyone. I get interrupted by a fellow ayahuasca adventurer inviting me for breakfast (who became a good friend) – which changed my whole outlook on everything (for the better!). Whew. Did that make sense? I feel the description is probably longer & more interesting than this video!

The special ex officio underwear I took on the trip. Odor free, dries fast when you wash them, etc. Good for travel. I would recommend for your next trip.

Some of the things I took on the trip. sneakers, hemp sandals, iphone/ipad battery backup, brazil outlet adapter, etc.

Kept seeing faces in the clouds while I was hungover on ayahuasca. Smiley faces mostly.

The lights looked like large mushrooms!

As you can see, I lounged by the pond mostly! Taking iphone photos while being super hungover.

Better Pictures:

Check out spiritvine’s picasa page for pics of the retreat center (more than just the pond!)

Also, their facebook page has pics of our group (I haven’t seen them yet since I don’t have facebook). I’m sure they’re great though.