5-Day Juice Fast & Colon Cleanse Results

April 1, 2012

(Photo by deadoll)

Sometimes you just gotta take a good look at yourself – cut out all the b.s.

A week ago, I realized I was getting super out of shape and needed to regain a handle of my health before it got out of control.

So I decided to restart the health journey with a 30-day body detox cleanse (the capsule version, by Dr Schulze) combined with a juice fast (inspired by Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead).

What is the 30-day Detox?

Originally introduced to Dr Schulze by Bashar, I’ve tried his products before. A few years ago, I did the 5-day colon cleanse (without changing the way I ate) – and felt pretty good.

The 30-day detox is pretty expensive ($408 + shipping) – but considering a) it’s spread out over 30 days, b) it is high quality organic & natural ingredients & c) the high cost of bad health = $408 doesn’t look bad at all.

The 30-day program consists of 4 separate 5-day cleanses: 5-day bowel detox, 5-day liver detox, 5-day kidney detox & another 5-day bowel detox.

My Results So Far

I’ve done the first part of program – the 5-day bowel detox. There are three ways to do this – you can eat what you normally eat, you can modify your diet with healthy natural food, or go full force & do a juice fast & raw food diet.

I opted for the latter.

Each day consists of taking 10 capsules 5x each of formula #2 (total of 50 caps a day of natural fiber component), 2x superfoods powder (vitamins + minerals), 5x echinacea plus, 1+ caps of formula 1 (the thing that makes you poop!).

Optionally, you can also add eating 3 cloves of raw garlic (which I only did once and blech – never again) and a hot/cold shower routine (where you turn the water to medium heat, then all of a sudden turn it all the way cold for 15 seconds, then back up to as hot as you can handle it, then all the way cold, etc) – which I didn’t dare try.

So I juiced fruits for every meal & finished the 5-day detox yesterday – lost around 6lbs and felt pretty great.

My goal was to at least do 2 weeks straight of juicing & do two parts of the detox – before my brazil ayahuasca trip – then come back and finish the last 2 detoxes.

But like most of my well thought of plans – things don’t go as expected!

Prepping for the unexpected:

The first 4.5 days of the juice diet went great. I made the juice every morning, stored it in a big jug and drank as much as I wanted (which wasn’t much). I was never hungry and didn’t crave anything at all.

First couple days were a little foggy and headachy – following by feeling great & refreshed the rest of the days.

Then I “fell off the wagon” yesterday. I’m not sure if it was inevitable or was caused by me watching Food Revolution. It’s a show where chef Jamie Oliver tries to change a school’s processed lunch with freshly prepared meals.

After watching a couple of the episodes, my mind started craving food. Fresh pasta, indian food, meat, bread….. everything!

I turned off the show – but I couldn’t stop thinking about food. I started making notes of all the food I wanted or would cook (and I NEVER cook): kerala omelets, fresh pasta with chicken, porotas with spicy chicken fry, fish fry etc.

I couldn’t tame the beast. So I ate three green apples and believe me – they tasted great. Eating just felt good.

But the beast was loose. Every thought, every show, every single moment was consumed by thoughts of food.

Finally the breaking point…

I automatically got out of bed at around 3am, started rummaging through the kitchen pantry – alas – I had NO food.

In a faraway corner of my pantry was one can of Amy’s organic chili – which I bought probably more than a year ago. I immediately dumped it into a plastic container – nuked it and ate it like an animal!

Then I found some fish sticks in the freezer – and made a bunch of them.

While waiting for the fish sticks to cook – I took an apple & smeared some chunky peanut butter on it and went nuts on it.

20mins later, fish stick were going down my throat douced in open pit bbq sauce.

I didn’t even taste the food really – it felt good to have something solid in my stomach. My brain was swimming in calories & the familiar calming numb took over.

Food is my drug!

What happens next?

Normally, one day of “cheating” ruins the whole diet train for me and I don’t get back on until a few months later.

I also wonder how all the other success stories of juice faster are able to do it for 30 – 60 days straight, without cheating.

So either I’m a failure or I have to reframe the situation to a positive lesson so I can keep going forward.

The negative thoughts can lead into a negative spiral and goes nowhere good.

However, champions of life usually have a positive reframing mind where they spin everything into a positive useful thing that keeps them on the train.

Does that make sense? I don’t know if I’m saying it correctly – but you can look up “reframing” or “positive reframing” to see what I’m talking about.

Because in reality, life is meaningless – we give it the meaning!

I guess in the past, I’ve done the whole: “one cheat day ruins everything” model of life. Even calling it a “cheat day” is the wrong thing to do – because that has a negative connotation.

If you wake up in the morning & your goal is to take a shower & drive straight to work. But as you are driving, you do an audible and decide to pick up a coffee. You wouldn’t consider that detour a “cheat” – right?

I want to try something new with my dieting model. The end goal is to lose weight & be healthy. How I want to get there is by natural healthy methods (rather than surgery).

There are going to be well thought out plans. But I have to give room for detours. Sometimes there will be setbacks.

If I’m on a road trip and the tire blows out – I’m not going to head back home. I’ll try to get a new tire & keep driving.

So today is going to be a “free” day (instead of “cheat” day) where I have to indulge my brain and then get back on the road again with more juicing & detoxing.

Will I make it?

Who knows?

I haven’t before but I’m hopeful & willing to keep trying.

All of life is an illusion anyways and I should be able to control it with my mind. This is just another dragon that I have to slay.

Whether I win or not – I’m not sure. :)

MoeFlo September 24, 2012 at 2:05 pm

That was such a good article ! Very encouraging and I totally get it! I’m in the same boat on the same journey and getting back on the wagon can just be as easy as falling off. After I have a “free day” I normally feel crappy and I’m ready to stock to juicing for a bit longer. So eventually once we make more good decisions than bad, that’s when life will change. Thanks so much ! Moriah

Deepak Nair October 17, 2012 at 8:27 pm

Thanks Moe! Your comment made my day. Good luck!

Sweetwillows January 3, 2013 at 12:24 pm

This is so funny. I understand completely. I found your post when I google “juice fast” and “colon”, as I am on a 7 day juice fast journey. It isn’t easy, but it is seem like it will be rewarding in the end. Good luck to you…I enjoyed reading this post. :-)

Deepak Nair January 3, 2013 at 1:19 pm

haha thx for the nice words – made me smile. I had forgotten I went thru all of this back in april until I read your comment just now!

Just a few months after writing this post, starting July 2012 (and continuing til today, Jan 2013) – I’ve been on a streak of ZERO cheats. and zero cravings or mood swings. That’s like 25 weeks straight now without bread, pasta, candy bars, cakes, cookies, soda (reg/diet) etc. And best part is, my mind doesn’t really care or crave those foods anymore.

I think taking high dose probiotics + dig enzymes + high dose fish oil really helped me in taming the beast! I highly recommend it to everyone. (can see what I take & do in the weight loss section on top menu)

I wish you good luck as well! It does get better. And you’re the best for leaving a nice comment!

Nicole March 17, 2015 at 11:21 am

I love this post. Thanks so much. Honesty is so refreshing and inspires me alot more than anyone’s perfection haha. Life is a journey. It’s great when we can actually share that with others, up down and sideways. Nice!