Green Smoothies & Juicing

March 24, 2012

(Photo by Elmastudio)

Every once in a while – whenever my ego gets out of control – moments like this help me get back down to reality. I’ll tell you why I’m dumb in a second.

Juicing Background:

Over the past 6 months, I’ve tried juicing & blending vegetables + fruit. Juicing was inspired by the movie/documentary Fat Sick & Nearly Dead (free to watch via Amazon Prime & also on Netflix). The guy in the movie loses tons of weight by drinking only fruit & vegetable juices for 30 days – eating nothing else. He also becomes super healthy and gets off all the meds he had to take when he was fat.

Juicing is when you use a machine (like the Breville Compact Juicer) which separates the pulp and you drink just the juice. Sounds obvious enough.

The most I was able to do was drink juices for a week straight (no solid meals) – felt crappy and crazy the first couple days, then felt great the rest of the week. Finally cracked and ate a meal on the 7th day.

I got tired of juicing because there is a lot of cleanup (you have to clean the pulp filter pretty quickly or it’ll start to smell & attract fruit flies). Plus since there is so much pulp in the garbage, you have to throw out garbage regularly or it’ll stink up the whole place!

So yea, it’s a big hassle for me who is striving to live a low maintenance life.

Then, I got into blending.

Blending Background:

Blending is when you don’t throw anything out. You blend all the vegetables/fruits in a strong blender (I use the Vitamix 2 Speed) and drink the pulp along with the juice – which is much healthier than juicing because you get all the great fiber and other nutrients that’s in the pulp.

I bought the Vitamix after watching a Joe Rogan podcast where he mentioned that he drinks a shake every morning. He mentioned that his friend Kevin James (King of Queens) lost a ton of weight by drinking shakes. (Link to video – starts at 10:25)

Blenders are super easy to clean. After drinking the shake – just rinse it out in the sink and that’s it. No scrubbing the strainer or throwing out the smelly pulp like when using a juicer.

My problem with blending was that it was super hard to drink the green shakes. I usually blended kale + fruit (apples/pears/oranges/etc). The shake was usually super thick (like cut-up grass) – and it took me a long time to finish drinking one cup.

After a few tries – I gave up on blending.

I just realized today that I’m super dumb:

I was feeling a little discouraged about not being able to enjoy juicing or blending. I just recently bought 30 day detox via to kickstart weight loss and improve my health. Part of the way to make the detox work better is to drink veg/fruit juices and shakes.

So for the first time, I looked up some blending recipes and realized I was blending incorrectly!

All recipes call for a cup of water and ice cubes or some other liquid to use as the base ( is the site I used to look up recipes).

The whole time I was blending – I used no liquids!


Yup. In hindsight, that makes sense why my drinks were like dry mulch – I never thought to add liquids to the blender.

So now I feel super dumb and super excited to retry blending.

It’s probably kind of symbolic of other things I’m doing incorrectly and giving up thinking it doesn’t work – when I’m just one ingredient away from success!

Do you have anything like this that you gave up on & felt disappointed – then later realized you were just one step away from doing it right?

Skaterzoner June 26, 2012 at 3:02 pm

The blending without water bit is actually quite funny! Before reading that bit, I was wondering how your smoothie could possibly have tasted like cut grass.

deepaknair2012 July 15, 2012 at 10:03 pm

ha, yea. pretty silly of me!! now i add water & ice and smoothies turn out great & drinkable!