Ep4 – Psychedelic Fertilizer

March 20, 2012

Listen – this podcast is probably super hard to listen to due to me using my iphone and I have a tendency to ramble.

All self-criticism aside: I’m tackling some important topics that I hope to inspire you.

It’s tough being a truth teller in life. It’s hard to do the right thing in life. It’s hard to fight the good fight. A lot of times, we want to give up but we all need mental fertilizer to keep going.

Topics include: what mushroom trip feels like, what life is like when you try to do the right thing, how under-appreciated you are for all your talents but I want you to keep fighting the good fight & not give up, and other b.s. topics that come into my mind.

This episode is heavily induced by a 6g mushroom trip where I went to the spiritual world, battled my demons and came back feeling refreshed to deliver the truth.

Music credits: @TalibKwelifreemusicarchive.org.

Thanks for listening through my bullshit rambles!

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