March 15, 2012

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Table of Contents:
1.My thoughts & experience on psychedelics
2.Famous people who’ve tried psychedelics
3.Descriptions of the psychedelic experience by others
4.Additional Reading

My Thoughts and Experience on Psychedelics:

I learned about dmt, mushrooms, ayahuasca etc in 2011 via listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast. Previously, I knew that Phil Jackson was into Peyote & that Steve Jobs had taken LSD.

My impression about psychedelics had been that you would just see weird colors & warped things. I thought people licked toads for a fun high. I thought acid was highly addictive and melted your brain to the point of no return. Like that public service ad where “this is your brain – this is your brain on drugs” and the girl smashes an egg with a frying pan.

I didn’t even know what acid really was – sounded like some kind of liquid you would drink and then hallucinate on the floor for hours.

I thought things like acid, magic mushrooms were really bad “drugs” – just like heroin or crack. I thought if I did it even one time, I’d be begging to suck cock on the street corner for just another hit.

After doing some extensive research over the past year, I’ve learned that everything we’ve ever known about psychedelics from the mainstream media, mainstream medicine, schools & the government is completely incorrect.

Did you know that psychedelics are not addictive. Zero percent. Drinking soda is more addictive than magic mushrooms.

I didn’t know that psychedelics were the window to our soul and it let you get in touch with the universe/god/source/creator/whatever you want to call it. No one in the mainstream ever said that. I can’t believe people were able to keep this a secret for this long.

Thanks to Joe Rogan – I started looking into Terence McKenna (famous psychedelic philosopher) and other psychedelic resources.

In most of the western world (US, Europe, etc) – psychedelics are illegal – they are as illegal as heroin or cocaine. Coke and heroine can ruin lives while psychedelics have never ruined a life.

The most that can happen while you’re on psychedelics is that you’ll be confronted with the truth – and I admit – the truth can be painful.

I’ve had a chance to try psychedelic mushrooms and it is probably one of the best most transformative experiences of my life. I can’t overemphasize how life-changing it was. It allowed me to connect with the spirit world. It taught me lessons I needed to learn. I was confronted with the truth about all the bad things I’m doing to myself and to others. I was taught lessons about life.

Thoughts, ideas, inspiration flooded into my brain like a fire hydrant. I felt my heart open – literally.

I *felt* music for the first time in my life – every note, every instrument, every drop. A 4 minute song felt like an hour of pure happiness. I was able to sleep and be fully lucid. I was sleeping while awake – I controlled every thought & movement in my dream. In my dream, I was able to figure out my life’s problems with the aid of my spirit guides (as crazy as that sounds).

I connected with my guides/angels/etc. While I was almost about to freak out the first time, they told me to calm down and enjoy the ride. The guides told me to breathe and relax. They told me that I had nothing to worry about since I am the creator of my life and I’m always in control of the psychedelic ride.

I learned to be a better person. The mushrooms showed me that in the universe – there is only one. We are all one. You, me, everyone I meet is just another version of me. So if I mistreat someone else – I’m just mistreating myself.

And as you are reading this, remember that I’m just a version of you – acting as your guide. And there probably is a version of you that’s acting as my guide.

The mushrooms told me to be in the present moment and appreciate life. It told me that there is no point in worrying. It told me that there is no death. We are all eternal and keep living forever. Our body may die but our spirit lives on and can never be destroyed.

The mushroom taught me that the point of life is to follow my passion to the fullest. It told me to only do things that I find fun, interesting and am passionate about. It told me that negativity and unhappiness arises from doing things I am not meant to be doing.

It taught me that we are all in control of our lives and we create our own future – with our minds. We really are in control – even if we think we are not. It taught me that whatever I focus on becomes my reality. If I focus on negativity, I attract negativity into my life. There is nothing wrong with negativity – it’s just an experience but if I don’t want to attract it – I have to focus on positivity.

We all have the same power. There is no god. We are all god. There is no we. There is only me. And each person is me. It’s ok to pray to god – in essence we are praying to ourselves – our higher selves.

The trip seemed to last an eternity of time while the clock may have only gone forward 5 hours.

It LITERALLY is the most profound experience of all time. We don’t need meditation or yoga or hike the tallest mountain in the world (not that there is anything wrong with all of that – if it’s your highest passion). to achieve enlightenment – just some psychedelic mushrooms.

I hope one day, our governments realize that psychedelics are a great tool (maybe the greatest tool ever) to get to know ourself and to become a better person.

I truly believe that anyone taking a mushroom trip will never be the same again. Even evil, “bad” people – they will change their minds after one trip. Guaranteed. It will make everyone be nice and kind and tolerant.

There would be no homophobes. Why? Because they are us. Each person is another reflection of me & you. So why would you hate yourself just because another version of you decides to be gay? If you hate a person because he’s gay – you’re just hating yourself.

There would be no conflict in the middle east. If they all took psychedelics – they would realize israelis and palestinians are the same one being. I’m not talking in metaphors. I mean LITERALLY we are all one being. Separation is an ILLUSION.

Trust me.

Don’t believe me? Try psychedelics one time. Or just simply wait til you die – then you’ll really find out.

Even tyrants and evil people in the world – they are a version of me and you. They are playing the part of a bad person so that the good versions of us has someone to defeat. Life is all a mirage. Nothing is real. It’s all a play. It’s a play put on by me/you. We are all living our own versions of the hero’s journey.

We are all just fingers from one hand.

The higher source split into infinite little pieces and is experiencing different things – all for fun. Good things happen. Bad things happen. In the end – no one can be destroyed since we are all eternal.

So in this play that is our life – one person may die in a hurricane. Another person dies in a plane crash. Another person is michael jordan. Another is just an underpaid & under-appreciated janitor. One is a baby that dies immediately after birth. Another baby grows up to be a terrorist and kills thousands of people. Another baby grows up to be a super soldier fighting against terrorists to keep the world safe. You get the idea.

Anyways – all of this is a ramble. All of this makes sense if you are on psychedelics – trust me. Everyone should find a safe way to do psychedelics.

All of this also is what our new age leaders have been preaching for a long time – these are not my original ideas. These ideas have existed for the history of mankind – in the forms of religious text (buddhism, hinduism, etc) or channeled info or whatever.

My goal now is to go to Brazil (in April 2012) to try Ayahuasca – which is supposedly mushrooms x 1,000,000. It’s legal there for religious purposes and there are many retreats in Brazil & Peru that specialize in ayahuasca. I will talk about my experience once I get back.

Update: I had a wonderful time doing ayahuasca in Brazil. Recorded an audio podcast about experience here. Also recorded a separate video review of mushrooms + ayahuasca a few months later.

If you’re curious what ayahuasca is like – there are tons of blogs and videos made by people who’ve taken it. One such video is listed below – Aubrey Marcus on the Joe Rogan Podcast talking about his peru ayahuasca experience (also a link to his blog where he writes about it is listed at the bottom of the page).

Listen – psychedelics literally are natural medicine for the mind & soul. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this until I was 30 years old. Now I can’t do enough to spread the word to everyone who is still being kept in the dark. I’ll try my best.

(Disclaimer: Obviously, you should not break any laws – psychedelics are illegal in most of the western countries. Also, if you are young or mentally unstable – psychedelics could mess up your mind. It didn’t for me – but I was mentally prepared for the trip. If you have any worries or doubts – stay away. Psychedelics should be treated with full respect and treated as sacred medicine rather than a recreational “fun” drug. Do everything legally, respectfully and safely)

People who have taken Psychedelics

-Phil Jackson – Peyote – explained in his book Sacred Hoops. The all-time winningest nba coach. Zen master.

-Steve Jobs – LSD – called it one of the top two or three most important experiences in his life (via wiki page & his new book).

-Terence McKenna – Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, DMT, etc (check his long videos on youtube)

-Joe Rogan – Mushrooms, DMT, Marijuana

-Tim Ferriss – Mushrooms

-Aubrey Marcus – founder of Onnit Labs (maker of Alpha Brain nootropics) – Ayahuasca, mushrooms, marijuana, others

-George Carlin – LSD, Mescaline, Marijuana

-The Beatles – LSD (songs include: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Day Tripper, etc)

-Santana (check out some of his album covers to see psychedelic art)

-Led Zeppelin (obviously!) – not sure what they tried but their music is considered psychedelic rock.

-Dr Dre – lyrics from Natural Born Killas: “Mushroom’s got my mind, Hallicinatin, Ain’t no debatin”

-Everlast – LSD, Marijuana

(See other Psychedelic Musicians)

(Other Famous People Who’ve Taken Psychedelics)

Descriptions of the Psychedelic Experience:

Joe Rogan on DMT

One of my favorites.

Aubrey Marcus (maker of Alpha Brain)

Explaining his Ayahuasca experience to Joe Rogan. This inspired my brazil ayahuasca trip in April 2012.

George Harrison explains LSD experience

Paul McCartney explains LSD

John Lennon describes LSD

George Carlin about LSD to Chris Rock

George Carlin about Psychedelics (Mescaline, LSD, etc)

CNN video about Mushrooms

Tim Ferriss on Rogan Podcast

Somewhere in this long video, he describes eating a large amount of mushrooms at least once a year to reboot his system

Flight of the Conchords – Prince of the Parties – LSD

Tenacious D – Magic Mushrooms – from their movie

Dave Chappelle about Mushrooms

Muppets 2011 Movie


This is no accident. I remember watching the movie in the theater and being struck at how obvious the writers made the mushroom imagery in this scene. Either Jim Henson (when he was alive) and/or the writers of this version of the movie are big believers in the magical effects of mushrooms. Of course they can never admit the truth since it’s a kid’s movie and the general public would go nuts.

Mario Bros Video Game

(Photo by VintageER)

No explanation necessary! Think it’s a coincidence that in one of the most popular video games of all time, the hero eats a mushroom and gains superpowers??!

Additional Reading:




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