Cleansing & Detox For The Body

March 14, 2012

(Photo by wot nxt)

Many who are into organic foods & natural medicine believe that a thorough detox is necessary to rid the body of toxins so that the cells can be clean & start to absorb all of the nutrients we take in.

Without a thorough cleansing – the body gets full of toxins which result in various illnesses. This is especially true today since we all eat heavily processed food and sugary drinks.

Over the years – I’ve tried two different types of detoxes and felt like they’ve worked.

1. Bashar recommends that all health ailments can be treated first by doing a thorough full body detox – then giving the body all organic & super healthy foods.

A) The company he recommends is American Botanical Pharmacy in California.

I’ve personally tried their bowel detox as well as few of their other products and was pretty satisfied.

The only item I had trouble with was their weight loss product – the powders were very difficult to drink (was spicy and tastes really horrible) – and my stomach was constantly in pain (and tons of oily discharge!). I had to return it and get a partial refund. It could be that is how the product is supposed to work (the oily discharge and stomach pains and all) but I just couldn’t handle it – felt like torture.

Bashar mentions that while this is not the only company in the world providing detoxes, Darryl (the channel for Bashar) has done research and found this to be one of the highest quality natural medicine providers.

B) In Bashar’s most recent program called “Riding the 2012 Wave” (highly recommended – as well as all the others) – he gives us a permission slip that we can use for our health issues.

Side note: A permission slip being something we use as a tool – everything is a permission slip in a sense. Examples of permission slips include: buddha statues, lucky bracelets, meditation, crystals, etc. In reality, we are powerful enough to do anything we want with our minds but since we sometimes don’t believe in ourselves fully – we have created our own versions of permission slips – which we use to give ourselves permission to believe in something. The item itself really has no power except as a crutch we can use while we fully realize how powerful we are. I don’t know if that was a good explanation but I think you get the idea.

Anyways – since Bashar has spent many decades answering different questions on how to improve our health – and starting in 2012 – he is going to focus on other important topics – he is giving us a permission slip we can use to improve our health.

He mentions that we should listen to Beethoven’s Symphony #7, Movement 2 (the first 3 minutes) – while laying down in a comfortable position with eyes closed. This permission slip is supposed to give us ideas on how best we can improve our health – ie: connect with our inner wisdom.

I have tried it a few times and it really does make me feel good and gives me inspiration.

For example, tonight I was having crazy headaches and just discomfort all night. I was tossing and turning and just being tortured by the headache. My mind was racing with all these thoughts and was not letting me have a peaceful sleep. I usually don’t like taking medication (tylenol etc) – so I was going to ride out the pain – until I remembered about this permission.

I started listening to it and pressed repeat a few times and then got inspiration to listen to some of the other Beethoven’s musical pieces – (headache gone) – then got the inspiration to write this post about detoxes. I also ordered a full 30 day detox kit for myself as well – my inner mind was telling me this is what I need since I’ve been eating very poorly for a few months now (well, most of my life!) and feel super sluggish.

2. Another detox I’ve tried is the 90 day Colon Cleanse by Specialist Herbal Supplies (UK).

It was recommended by Karen Kingston in the book – Clear your clutter with Feng Shui – she mentioned SHS as one of the best detox companies in the world and a good way to clear you body of toxins.

Their detox was fine and I have no complaints – I did it a few years ago. The only thing is it lasts 90 days and it gets kinda tiring to take the large amounts of powders and pills each day – but it works.

It is an international order – so if you live in the US – the credit card company will charge you whatever the UK pound is going for plus you have to pay international shipping.

typhoon September 16, 2014 at 1:23 pm

are you saying that instead of detox from that company we can use only that music ?
thank you.