February 14, 2012

Failure sucks.

Especially when you’re young have never experienced defeat before.

Here are a few tools I used to keep myself going in high school, college and post college when I kept failing at everything I was trying. This is the only thing that kept me going even though I never believed I would be a success.

Eventually as months went on, I automatically picked up their belief systems and slowly started getting self-confidence and now failure doesn’t crush me like it used to.

Read as many failure to success stories as you can. Actually all success stories usually start with a barrage of failure.

a) Colonel Sanders – Founder of KFC – failed a rumored 1001 times before someone accepted to sell his now famous chicken recipe. This was one of the first failure to success stories I heard about. I used to read about him so much that I was inspired to write this article (probably 6-7 years ago). Article Link

b) Soichiro Honda – Founder of Honda Motor Company – failed a lot, was laughed at by Toyota engineers, his factories destroyed by bomb, then earthquake, etc. This is the second ever failure to success story I learned about and I used to read as much as I could about Honda just to keep myself from getting too down in the dumps from lack of success.

c) Abraham Lincoln – I’m sure you’ve heard of his string of failures before he finally became president – click here to see a list.

d) Steve Jobs – co-founder & ceo of Apple – had immediate success, then tremendous failure and ended up being fired from his own company, then later came back to transform many different fields (1st personal computer via mac, 1st & most successful computer animated movie company via pixar, music industry via itunes/ipod, phones via iphone, tablets via ipad, retail stores via apple stores – and possibly tvs in the near future).

Apple also became the biggest tech company and one of the most respected brands – about 37 years after it was founded.

Stanford Commencement Speech 2005

e) Watch motivational videos from: Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Joe Girard, Frank Bettger, Michael Jordan, Mark Cuban, Steve Jobs, Tony Hsieh – etc. If you have a hero, look him/her up – I guarantee they have a failure to success story and failed bigger & more frequently than you & I.

Here’s one from Les Brown to get you started: