Blood, Genetic & Misc Testing

September 25, 2011

(Photo by Neeta Lind)

1. Spectracell Nutrient Deficiency Testing

I learned of this test from Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Body. He recommends this as the #1 must use testing everyone should do to see what type of nutrient deficiencies you may have. This is important so that you can get all the data about yourself and start correcting anything you are lacking. For example, Tim Ferriss found out he was low on Selenium and started eating brazil nuts to raise it. This in turn boosted his testosterone for the better.

Anyways – I think there are two ways you can get this done. If you’re lucky enough to have health insurance and they cover it – you’ll have to see a doctor’s order to get the lab done.

I decided to do what Tim Ferriss did and pay cash (since I can avoid a boring doctor visit, I don’t know if my insurance covers this, plus I can keep the data to myself instead of sharing it with insurance companies who may use it against me).

I called Spectracell customer service number (800.227.5227) – they were super helpful and nice and gave me the number of their local rep. I called the local rep and not only was she also super nice – she had a phlebotomist come to my place to take the blood test done instead of me having to go anywhere. Pretty sweet.

Cost may seem high ($370) but in my opinion it’s way worth it to find out more about my health.

There have been times where I have spent more than that in one drunken bar night and nothing to show for it than guilt, depression, regret, bad judgement, late night junk food eating and a bad hangover!

Now that I find myself caring more about my health – I easily spend money on my self-improvement and have become frugal on discretionary spending on gadgets, liquor and other vices.

I just took the test last week and it takes up to three weeks to get my results.

Update: Tests came back and I’m deficient in Vitamin A, Zinc, Magnesium & Antioxidants.

The solution:

Vitamin A: 5000IU of Vitamin A & 25,000IU of Beta-Carotene
Zinc: 25mg
Magnesium: 300mg

NAC: 600mg
Vitamin E: 200IU
Selenium: 50mcg
CoQ10: 30mg
Lipoic Acid: 50mg
Vitamin C: 250mg

2. Genetic Testing by

Heard about this from my brother as well as the Four Hour Body. The company is founded by the wife of Sergey Brin (Google co-founder). Google also invests in the company according to wikipedia.

This is a very simple testing where they send you a home saliva kit – you follow the instructions and mail the prepaid box back.

Cost structure is centered around influencing you to take their monthly subscription service.

a) With minimum one year subscription: $99 up front fee + ($9/mo x 12 months) = $207

b) No commitment: $399

Takes 6-8 weeks to get results.

Update: results came back and they were fun and interesting to see. Nothing special to report (which is a good thing!).

3. Comprehensive Blood Panel

4. Sperm Count

5. Testosterone

6. Dentist Teeth Cleanings