Four Hour Body Weight Loss Experiment Part 2

July 9, 2011

Photo by Sam Cockman

A lot of weight loss stories are fun to read but they don’t really tell the exact story of how they did it. For some reason, my brain works better when it’s given exact steps to follow.

So here are my starting stats:
As of June 5, 2011

Age: 29
Height: 6’2
Weight: 284.4
Left Biceps: 14.5
Right Biceps: 14.63
Left Thigh: 24
Right Thigh: 24
Waist (belly button): 49.5
Hips (largest point below waist = around butt): 44.13
Total inches: 170.76
I used this to measure the body inches.

The Four Hour Body Plan:
1. No white carbs (bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, sugar, fried foods)
2. Repeat same few meals (for ease of use)
3. Don’t drink calories (no soda, milk, juice, 16oz max of diet soda)
4. No fruit (fructose = bad)
5. One binge day per week (eat anything, any quantity)
Read more about the diet here.

Here are some additional hacks I’ll be using to increase fat loss:

Using Thermodynamics to induce fat burning:
1. Chug ice water after waking up (don’t have ice, but plan on chugging cold water)
2. Cold shower (aim at back of neck, upper chest)
3. Ice packs (30 mins a day, back of neck + upper chest)

Food Addons:
1. Saigon Cinnamon (max 1.5 teaspoons per day) in coffee (reduces glucose spike)
2. Grapefruit juice (before binge meals to reduce glucose spike)
3. Citrus juice (lemon with water, lime juice with food, same reason as above)
4. Garlic (PAGG stack – digestion, fat burner)
5. Athletic Greens (nutrients + bowel movement) – haven’t bought yet
6. Fermented Foods (sauer kraut, kimchi – increases good stomach bacteria)

1. 30g within 30 mins of waking up (shakeology two scoops or myoplex shake)
2. At least 20g of protein per meal
3. Using shakeology (17g protein + tons of nutrients), protein bars (20g protein), myoplex shakes (42g protein), eggology egg whites, steak (farm raised), eggs (organic), fish, etc.

See how Joel Comm lost 55lbs using Shakeology

1. 40 air squats (total 60-90 seconds) before binge meal (opens up muscles for glucose intake – less glucose stored as fat)
2. 40 air squats 90 mins after binge meal (same reason as above)

1. 30g minimum per day (organic india psyllium – recommended by Dr. Mercola)

So basically, all the ideas here are from Tim Ferriss – except for shakeology & organic india psyllium. Shakeology has gotten rave reviews for all of the nutrients it has – so it was a no brainer for me.

Plus I know that fiber in general is good for me: it reduces insulin spikes, curb hunger, reduce carb absorption, and increase bowel movements.

In the next post, I’ll write more about what I’m eating daily and how everything is going.

Here are two videos by Tim Ferriss showing how he makes a quick 3 minute slow carb breakfast and his popular how to peel eggs without peeling video:

Joe. July 28, 2015 at 9:29 pm

Joel comm should weight less if that’s all he is eating IMO.