Four Hour Body Weight Loss Experiment

July 6, 2011

Photo by Haundreis

I want to start my inaugural post of this blog with the topic that takes up most of my brain space. Ever since I was 15 and realized I was getting fat (as told to me by a kid in high school gym locker room), I’ve been trying every method possible to lose the weight and get fit.

No matter how badly I want to lose weight or all the different methods I’ve tried, year after year I keep gaining more and more weight.

I’m just realizing that I’ve been spinning in my wheels (like that hamster) for the past 15 years.

All the different weight loss methods I’ve tried:

*Taking a deep breath*

To lose weight & get fit, I’ve tried:  

Starvation diet (1000-1500 cals/day – lost 15lbs but really hard to maintain), constantly working out hardcore (1hr-2hr stairmaster everyday), personal trainers (4 different times), tae kwon do lessons, weight lifting, random “weight loss” pills from, fiber pills, 90 day colon cleanse, 5 day bowel detox, herb doc super slim natural pills system (really tough on the stomach + too much “oily discharge”), superfood nutrition bars by herbdoc, stomach electric zapper pads from a decade ago that was supposed to zap the fat away while watching tv, thinking happy thoughts, writing down every meal I’m eating (lasted 2 months & lost 7lbs), taking pictures of every meal aka the flash diet (one week), keeping public blog to keep accountable (2 weeks), drinking massive amounts of water a day (lasted a month, lost 10lbs), iphone food tracker app, whey protein, casein protein, protein bars, smartones meals, lean cuisines, slim fast shakes, amazing body now by andrea albright, truth about six pack abs, blog posts by hungry girl, hypnosis cds by jim arthur, think and get slim by abraham hicks, weight loss for people who feel too much by colette baron reid, the hacker’s diet (one of the best logical & free diets – lost 5lbs+ in a month but calorie counting became too much & hard to control cravings), wii fit, bought a pedometer, heart rate monitor, body fat calipers, door pull-up bars, gym memberships (xsport, lifetime, bally’s, gold’s gym), atkins, weight watchers, nutrisystem (actually lost 30lbs in 3 months first time but gained it back a few months later, tried again 2 more times – couldn’t handle the bad food taste & mental concentration to do the diet), p90x (lasted 6 days first time and 2 weeks second time), yoga for regular guys by ddp, phil libin’s lazy weight loss spreadsheet, and have read countless weight loss books (belly fat cure, the spark, the china study, why we get fat, i can make you thin, a course in weight loss, good calories bad calories, die fat or get toughbody for life, women food and god, psycho cybernetics (positive mental programming), four hour body) and on and on…


Writing all that out really is sobering! Didn’t know I “failed” that many times!

As a matter of fact, one time I drove around 6 hours to pick up some of those “magical weight loss” pills from that was accidentally delivered to my college dorm during summer break. I drove to school (3 hrs each way) one day just to pick the pills up. Crazy, right?

Of course those pills didn’t work.

The only thing I haven’t tried yet is some type of liposuction or surgery – which I’m against. I really want to conquer this mountain myself without those drastic measures.

One caveat I’ll readily admit is that when I say I “tried” all those methods before – it doesn’t mean I tried them 100% according to their rules & guidelines. I’m sure each system works for some people but for some reason or another, I was unable to stick to them or didn’t see results when I tried them.

Keeping up the good fight

This month, I’ll turn 30 – which means I will have spent about 50% of my life trying to lose weight. I am determined to beat this dragon or die trying. So the fight continues…

Nowadays as I read more and more books – I’m starting to realize that the true way to lose weight is to cut out the bad carbs (sugar, rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, artificial sweeteners, soda) and stick to whole foods like meat, vegetables and slow carbs like beans.

This brings me back to the Four Hour Body by Tim Ferris

I ordered the book when it came out in December 2010, tried it for two weeks and quit because I lost only -0.7lbs. I got tired of the routine of eating all the beans and frozen vegetables and only losing less than one pound while others were seemingly losing 10-20lbs per month!

Now after reading some more books about how our body takes in food and how a calorie is not a calorie, etc – I’m ready to retry the four hour body weight loss plan one more time.

Even though I thought I was doing the diet perfectly, now I realize I wasn’t even close. ie: Eat 30g of protein within 30 mins of waking up is an integral part of the diet, which I’m sure I never met. Tim mentions his dad only lost 5lbs in one month when he didn’t follow this rule but lost 18lbs the next month when he started eating 30g within 30 mins of waking up.

The goal of this post is to keep track of my results, get some public accountability and to share with like-minded people who share the same problems and are trying to overcome them.

Check out this video where Tim Ferriss explains his four hour body system:

(More to come in this series of posts)

(Update: Part 2)