[audio] #62 Ten out of Ten

December 22, 2014



Sharing a story of something I thought I’d never do in life.

Going to a movie solo.
And actually enjoying it.
That’s exactly what happened on Friday when I happily went to go see the Hobbit by myself.

In 2008, I was doing some odd experiments to get over my anxiety. I got this dude to help me out. Like going to a bar by myself, sit there without drinking alcohol nor looking at my phone, then leave. Walking inside starbucks in a circle, 10 times, to see if anyone would say anything. Going to malls and doing EFT tapping techniques. Driving to downtown chicago to the busiest restaurant and eating solo.

I was able to do all of these tasks with much difficulty.
The only thing I couldn’t (wouldn’t) do was go to a movie solo.

I was able to get into the flow the past few days and I let you in on the details.

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I didn’t feel like recording a podcast.
So I sat down to record a podcast.
Bill Burr is my hero for pumping out consistent weekly solo podcasts.

Story about my acid reflux, a dream warning, and what I learned

The right dose matters.
-How 3 lightboxes works better for me than 1 for seasonal affective disorder (LINK)
-Also talk about my experience with high doses vitamin c

Why I think most therapists suck.
I’ve been to 11-15 therapists since 2001. Male, female, young & old.
Most of them are average folks doing an average job.
They don’t cure anything.
It’s you going to a person to talk every week for years at a time and paying way too much for minimal results.
Best option is to educate yourself and do as much exploration & self help as possible.

The goal in life is to find alignment.
How each of us has our own river, our goal is to find which way it’s flowing, and to go downstream rather than upstream.
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“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”
– Mark Twain


I’m back with some stories to share with you.

Life is unpredictable. There are highs and lows. Often we think when we reach one goal, everything will be great. But that’s rarely the case. There will always be new challenges, struggles, & fears. The only thing we can do is confront each fear, one at a time. Do our best, then surrender to life. Things tend to take care of themselves, even better than we could’ve imagined.

I share how these things happened to me and what I learned.

Long Version:
This year had highs and lows.
The high was reaching my physical goals (weight loss)
Simultaneously, this year was the lowest mood I’ve ever felt

I tried to problem solve my mood issues which lead to the following realizations:

Confronting Fear:
– Sometimes mood drops when we don’t confront fear
– Fear stopped me from recording a podcast yesterday
– How I confronted my biggest fear (public speaking) last month.
– All the steps that led up to me going to a toastmasters meeting and what happened.
– How confronting that fear led to me doing something I had been dreaming of the past few years.
– How I was dreading going to jury duty for a month, then ended up getting out of it 9hrs before

Threw the kitchen sink at my mood problems.
Did the following, all in the same week: [Click here to read more, dude…]


Yo. What’s up man.

Time for another podcast.

The aim of the pod is to be as positive as possible. And to share stories & lessons I’ve been learning along the way. At the least, I hope the pod helps you pass some time.

Topics covered:

1. How realtors & companies use contrast to get us to buy higher priced items

– how our family went to a terrible indian restaurant. the place was packed and they accidentally gave our reserved table to someone else. So we went to another indian place. This normally just ok high end indian restaurant felt like an amazing place this time due to the contrast of experiencing a terrible place first.

– similar to how a lot of companies do pricing. if two products are offered at different prices, people usually pick the lower priced one. If a third higher priced product is introduced, more people will pick the middle priced product.

– how smirnoff vodka sold more bottles by raising prices, rather than lowering (link)

– how realtors will show you a super high expensive place first so that the next regularly high priced place will seem like a bargain. they may also show you a terrible place first, so that the next place seems better.

2. How I’m overcoming self-consciousness during walks
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This is a late nite podcast.
I’m running on low mental steam.
Hope it all made sense!

I tell the story of overcoming an intense anxiety attack last nite.

1. Every few months, I experience an intense anxiety attack. It makes me believe that I’m a crazy person, everyone knows it, and no one wants to tell me. Or something of that sort. I haven’t figured out why that happens yet.

2. During intense anxiety attacks, all positive thoughts go away. The brain for some reason cannot access them.

Good thoughts are: this is just a phase that will go away with time. Do not trust my thoughts. I am not my brain. (These are neuroplasticity teachings + what Eckhart Tolle, Buddhists & other spiritual teachers say).

We are not our thoughts. We are the observer of our thoughts.

But I couldn’t remember these things during the anxiety filled nite.

3. My default affirmation “I love myself” did not work. This is an affirmation I picked up from Louise Hay & Kamal Ravikant (author of Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It)

4. As a last resort, I used this affirmation: “I am blessed by God” – something I picked up from the Joel Osteen podcast. It started working!
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