I’ve been heavily researching topics that seemed unrelated but all the dots connected a few nights ago. Empaths. Meridians. Auras. Chakras. Energy Medicine. Energy Psychology. Crystals. Feng Shui. Vimala Alphabet. Energetic boundaries.

I have a new hypothesis for weight gain and weight loss.
And it has to do with the strength of our subtle bodies of energy.

I’ll run thru the list of symptoms that I experienced over the past few years that all make sense now.

1. In 2011, my arms started going numb while sleeping. Elbow all the way down to my fingers.

2. ~2012, I woke up one night with tremendous pain. My forth toe on my right foot felt like I stepped on glass.

3. For the past year or two, I’ve experienced super dry, cracked lips, no matter what I try. I’ve tried different types of lip balm, coconut oil, attempting to sleep with my mouth closed, and trying not to lick my lips. No avail.

4. I lost a bunch of weight using the HCG diet. I think around -82lbs. But since then, no matter what diet I try, I keep gaining weight rapidly. Paleo diet. Slow carb. Meal delivery. Dolce diet. Eating 2-4hrs. Cooking all my food. Vegan diet. Vegan cleanse. Protein shakes. Chugging water. Exercising. Sleeping on time. Tried tons of different supplements.

5. I get panicked in crowded environments. Especially the grocery store, the mall, or places like that. I get disoriented, sweaty, irritable, heart rate shoots up super high, and many other panic symptoms. Not always, but majority of the time.

6. My mood is highly variable depending on the person or the place. If I hang around people, they tend to feel better and I tend to feel worse. If they have a headache, it will fade. If they were feeling crummy, they will be elated by the end of our hang. But by the time I get home, I am disoriented, sick, nauseous, depressed, and bed-ridden. Same goes for certain negative energy places. I tend to soak up emotions and energy.

It took me a long time to recognize all of these patterns.

So what is happening?
This is the quick summary taken from YEARS of research:

Essentially, I’m an emotional empath.

And I have weak energetic boundaries.
Maybe they’re porous, I don’t know.
But my auric layers are not strong.
So a lot of energy comes in. Some are good. A lot are not good.

This leads to me feeling symptoms that aren’t even mine. Sickness, illness, anger, depression, sadness. I know it sounds odd, but I wouldn’t have believed it if I have not gone thru it myself.

When soaking up negative energies, my triple warmer meridian (fight or flight) gets over-activated. This results in the high heart rate, sweating, wanting to flee, and all of the panic symptoms.

When the triple warmer takes over my body, it takes energy away from the spleen meridian. They are connected this way on the meridian wheel, yin and yang.

Spleen meridian is in charge of digestion of food. Weak spleen meridian means food is not properly assimilated into the body. Result: hunger, cravings, getting fatter. Because body is not being properly nourished.

The triple warmer meridian also runs from our temple, over the ears, down the neck and shoulders, through the elbow to the fourth finger. And it runs through the forth toe of our feet. So overactivation of this meridian all my life started appearing as real life painful symptoms. Arm numbness. 4th toe pain. Neck pain.

Spleen meridian weakness results in dry cracked lips. Healthy folks have reddish healthy lips.

Weak spleen means we should stay AWAY from foods normally considered healthy. Salads, raw food, green juices, fruit cold food, dairy, coffee, butter. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT.

For fucks sake, I’ve been eating all of that for the past year.

Cold food is tough on the digestion system. So warm cooked food is preferred for weak spleen people. Spleen-friendly foods. Oats, rice, beans, quinoa, some protein, soups, broth, tea.

Recently, I started working on these symptoms and the pain has subsided!

I thought I was insane for gaining weight while scarfing down salads and green juices.

Working with eden energy medicine, I’ve been sedating my triple warmer meridian. And strengthening the spleen merdian. It’s easy to do at home.

No more arm numbness or neck pain at night!
This after years of trying different pillows, mattresses, and other techniques.

My dry lips are becoming softer WITHOUT using lip balm.
I’m only about four days in but they are recovering fast.

And I’ve been using certain crystals and energetic techniques to shore up my energetic boundaries.

The results:
Weight is going DOWN!
My weight is already down ~11 lbs in like 3 days.
And I’m eating less food. No more hunger or cravings.

The reason I’m quickly summarizing these things for you is to share that if you are having symptoms, they could be much more complex that what our regular doctor may know about.

I’ve been through multiple blood tests, diets, doctors, therapists, healers, psychiatrists, and blah blah blah over the past 15 years. And not one person was able to figure out this issue + offer solutions.

Anyways, I’ll update you later on with more info.

The Six Types of Empaths – Cyndi Dale
Energetic Boundaries – Cyndi Dale (book)
Sedating Triple Warmer – Donna Eden (video)
Strengthen Spleen – Donna Eden (video)
Celtic Weave strengthens Aura (aka energetic boundaries) – Donna Eden (video)

More strengthening techniques in Energy Medicine (book)

“Dry and cracked lips indicate issues with fluid metabolism and pale lips indicate an overall weakness of spleen qi.” – Spleen Meridian Info

Meridian Wheel

Dietary Guidelines Spleen Qi Deficiency


We hear it from everyone.
Weight lifters, yogis, martial artists, anxiety relief therapists, spiritual teachers, sports players.

We can even lose weight,
… by breathing properly.

Want to get more energy in your life?
Do some breathing exercises.

Want to relax?
Breathing exercises.

Want to be more mindful?
Breathing exercises.

Want to be centered and grounded in your body?
Yup, breathing exercises.

Want to connect your root chakra to mother earth?
Breathe dude, breathe.

Want to connect your crown chakra to the heavens?
For the love of archangels, breathe.

How can we meet pretty girls?
The only question that really matters.
Answer: Deep deep super deep breaths.
(ok this one’s not real, but I bet someone out there is teaching this idea)

I’ve always wondered why breathing matters.
No one has explained it properly to me other than in mysterious ways.

Well, I’m happy to say I’ve finally found a source that explains it crystal clear. And it comes from a yogi dude. He explains it in medical terms first, then in mystical terms. And I did not have to read a thick 500 page book to figure it out. Only about 20 quick pages.

The Medical Side
It talks about how the oxygen enters the nose, gets filtered by the nosehairs, gets warmed up as it enters our body, gets filled in the lungs. And mixes with stale blood to make it fresh again. This blood goes back to the heart and to the rest of the body. And oxygen is used by all systems in the body, even helps us digest food properly.

The Mystical Side
He says that the air contains properties science has yet to discover. Specifically, prana. And when we breathe deeply and properly, we are soaking up prana from the air into our bodies. I don’t know if this is true but I’ll believe it. Why not? There is no downside to breathing deeply.

I do know that there are things such as stale air and fresh air. The air near mountains, forests, and waterfalls have more negative ions. While air in industrial places and office buildings tend to be more stale. That’s why people recommend using negative ion generators indoors.

And the proper way to breathe is not thru your upper chest, or your rib cage, or thru your deep belly. It’s to do all three at once. May people recommend deep belly breathing, but doing that alone is incorrect, according to this method.

Anyways, the book is free. All the info is there.

The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath by Yogi Ramacharaka

Hope you enjoy as much as I did.
This changed my life.

Other Resources:
Jumpstart Your Metabolism – Pam Grout (book)
tip: her recommended breathing is the 1:4:2 ratio (in, hold, out). So if you breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 16 (4×4), and breathe out for 8 (4×2). This is also what Tony Robbins calls the Power Breath

Three Breathing Exercises – Dr Weil (stimulating, relaxing, mindfulness)

Wein VI-2500 High-Density Ionic Air Purifier

Yogi Ramacharaka seems to be a pseudonym for the new thought dude William Walker Atkinson, who studied hindu teachings.

I don’t think there exists a human who has thought about and researched depression more than I have. Only because it has been a necessity in my life.

After 14 years of trying every modality I could find, I think the real cause of depression is due to disconnection from our true source, our inner being, our highest bliss, whatever you want to call it.

Unalignment = depression.
Alignment = joy.

And viewed this way, I think depression is like a red alert warning system telling us we are far away from what we are meant to be doing.

Depression isn’t bad, even though it feels absolutely terrible. It’s simply a warning telling us to go the other way.

Briefly, these are all the modalities I have tried, in order.

1. Biochemical Medical Model
Prescription drugs. Psychiatrists.
Paxil, Wellbutrin, Prozac
This model says that depression is caused by lack of serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters. The medication either raises these neurochemicals or stops the body from using them up too quickly. I think we can use prescription medicine as a last resort but there are side effects. Trust me. And I don’t think this is the ultimate solution. These meds are like spraying febreze in your stinky apartment. It only masks the real problem. The better solution would be to wash your dishes, throw out the garbage, steam clean your carpet, and trash all the clutter.

2. Talk therapy model
The belief that if we talk with a qualified professional, we can figure out why we are depressed. Maybe our depression has to do with trauma from childhood or parents or something like that. I think this is the worst model because it’s expensive, takes a long time, and you will never get to the bottom of all your problems. You will feel better after each therapy session but that is temporary and you’ll have to keep going to feel better.

3. Environment Model
Seasonal affective disorder
This is a real thing. Lack of sunlight and change in the weather will depress certain groups of people. The solutions are pretty simple. Bright light therapy. Vitamin D supplements. Far Infrared Sauna. Last resort, move to a sunny locale.

4. Change Your Thoughts Model
Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Psychologists.
Depressed people usually have faulty thinking. This model helps change the way we think, which in turn makes us feel better. The more we think right, the stronger those thought patterns get, and the healthier we will be. “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” This works but is kind of a hassle. The therapists will give you homework sheets, to keep track of your thoughts. Then with their help, you manually correct each thought. And I feel like this is looking at the wrong end of the problem. The positive side is that you can do cognitive behavior therapy by yourself at home.

5. Diet Model
You are what you eat. Poor diet will lead to inflammation and depressive symptoms. Specifically, say no to wheat, dairy, sugar, processed food. Cleaning up your eating and you will feel better. This works but up to a limit.

6. Biochemical (supplement) Model
This is a DIY version of #1, with lesser side effects.
There are supplements that raise serotonin, dopamine etc.
5-HTP, Tyrosine, Gaba, DLPA, Fish Oil, Vitamin C, Niacin. Vitamin D helps also. Some also recommend eating carb heavy (healthy) foods to raise serotonin. The most popular method is to eat a baked potato, 3hrs after a protein rich meal, at night. Eatin carbs by itself after a protein meal will shuttle to your brain tryptophan, which turns into 5htp, and into serotonin. I’m a fan of this because you can avoid going to doctors, and enduring all the side effects of prescription drugs.

7. Mindfulness Model
Eckhart Tolle, Cheri Huber, Byron Katie, Buddhism, Zen
The practice of not paying attention to your thoughts. Or questioning your thoughts. Because thoughts are usually incorrect, especially the negative ones. This works, but is kinda hard to do. This is better suited for people who eventually lead a monk-like life. Meaning, you have to pretty much be mindful all day for this to be effective.

8. Inflammation Model
Cold showers and hot saunas will help with depression. Because depressed people have poor thermal regulation in the skin. And heating up the skin has been shown to increase serotonin in the brain. But again, this model is just one part of the puzzle.

9. Depression as growth model
Buddhists believe depression triggers spiritual growth. Depression is simply a season in our lives. The winter. And during this winter, we become introspective. Our soul becomes somber. We refocus on what’s important in our lives. And use these lessons to grow. I can see the validity in this. But I don’t think being depressed is necessary in order to grow. There has to be better, gentler ways.

10. Energetic Model
EFT. Energy Psychology. Energy Medicine. Acupuncture.
I’ve been really into this recently because they seem to be on the right track. Fix the energies first and the rest take care of itself. The combination of working on your body’s subtle energies (meridians, chakras,) and using psychology is a good combo. EFT definitely works. But I think the ultimate is the next thing.

11. Alignment Model
I think Joseph Campbell was right. Follow your bliss. That’s the whole point of life. Do what turns you on, Warren Buffett says. Find your lane.

The people doing what they are meant to be doing seem to be happy. And I don’t just mean being a doctor if you want to be a doctor. I mean, being fully, spiritually connected in all aspects of our lives.

This is what Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Louise Hay, Paramhansa Yogananda, and many of the spiritual teachers preach.

I’m not there yet but I think once you are fully aligned, fully connected to your source, the rest will take care of itself. Your brain will produce the right chemicals. Your body’s energies will align. The negative chatter will fade away. Your thinking will become positive and aligned.

I’ll keep you updated.

Be Different

September 29, 2015

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how exceptional folks became exceptional. It started with studying sports heroes. Then business heroes. Spiritual masters. Actors. Musicians. Writers.

The one common pattern is that the top people do not behave like the rest of us.
They eat different, sleep different, think different, speak different, and do a lot of odd things.

In a world where everyone has equal access to all the information in the world, I think it’s even more important for us to do weird things to get exceptional results.

At least, that’s what I tell myself.

If everyone is religious, become atheist.
If everyone is atheist, become mystical.
If everyone uses facebook, go back to using snail mail.
Ditto twitter, instagram, and all the other things people are into.

If people think carrying crystals for mystical powers is dumb, that’s exactly what I want to try.
If traditional science says acupuncture is a scam and that chiropractors are selling snake-oil, sign me up! More oil for the rest of us, I say.

Most of these experiments have little to no side-effects.
The only risk is that people will say you are nuts and irrational.

But that’s good, right?
Do you know what I’m saying?

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Three things that happened yesterday:
1. The curious case of ordering a 1/2 slab of ribs and being charged for a full.
2. The disappearing act of my wallet.
3. The friendly dog who lets a stranger pet him, eventually.

Fourth Story:
4. The dying banana plant figures out an ingenious way to let me know exactly what it needs to live.

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The Vimala Rodgers Alphabet
a. Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life (book)
b. Vimala Alphabet
c. Vimala Rodgers audio interview

Crystals for grounding, protection, energy, depression, healing
a. Crystal Store
b. The Crystal Bible – Judy Hall (book)
c. Judy Hall audio interview

Energetic Boundaries for Empaths
a. Cyndi Dale Audio Interview
b. Protect yourself from energy vamps – and the freeze name in water bottle trick
c. How to Cut Energetic Cords That Deplete You
d. Putting bowl of epsom salt by bed to soak up negative energies (this seems to lessen the frequency of nightmares for me)

Caroline Myss – Why People Don’t Heal (video)