September 22, 2017

The Emotional Toll of Clutter

Dope Women: Ali Wong

September 20, 2017

There was a time when I was addicted to stand up comedy and watched every damn special out there. I watched the top folks as well as up and comers. Listened to every interview and podcast.

Lately, I just can’t seem to care much about specials or comedians, unless someone like Louis CK or Dave Chappelle drops a new one.

With that said, it was a pleasant surprise to see Ali Wong’s comedy special, Baby Cobra.

I’m out of that scene where I kept on top of comedians but I still somehow kept hearing rumblings of how great & popular Ali is these days. I recently heard Dave Chappelle talking about Ali being a monster and how even he was timid of following her.

So I watched.
The special is very good.

She’s funny. Smart. Real. Likeable. Sincere. Has a theme and common thread running thru all the stories. All of her stories make sense.

She was neither an Asian comic nor a female comic. She wasn’t a shock comic who only talks about sex. She wasn’t a political comic. She wasn’t an angry comic taking out her rage on the crowd. She wasn’t a one line comic, with a predictable joke structure that’s repeated the whole time.

Instead, Ali was simply a pure whole standup comic. One who has perfected her craft over many years. No gimmicks. A human telling funny stories.

Plus she mentions things I care about. Mushrooms, ayahuasca, Marie Kondo & clutter clearing, feng shui, the intense desire for self improvement, asian american’s perspective on things, relationships, and the perils of pooping in the work place!


Dope Women: Joy Taylor

September 19, 2017

Can I just say that this might be THE perfect podcast episode of all time? High praise, yes.

It’s so good that I don’t know how to describe it any better with words.

Joy Taylor, who I have seen as the moderator on the Undisputed sports show, is absolutely magnificent in this.

Smart, funny, insightful, high energy, clever, knowlegable, full of attitude, easy on the eyes.

It was that much more shocking because her role on Undisputed is to be like a quiet sports referee, to get out of the way of the two main guys debating. So, we don’t get to see much of her true personality there.

I had no idea she was this dope all along! She’s actually better than all the other popular sports talk guys.

I have a feeling she is just getting started and will be moving onto even bigger things in the near future.

I don’t care

September 19, 2017

This ain’t a scene

September 19, 2017

Dance, Dance

September 19, 2017

Thnks fr th Mmrs

September 19, 2017

My Songs

September 19, 2017

Inner Exploration

September 19, 2017

“Space flights are merely an escape, a fleeing away from oneself, because it is easier to go to Mars or to the moon than it is to penetrate one’s own being.”
– C.G. Jung

Reverend Ike

September 19, 2017

Discovered the videos of Reverend Ike recently. Had no idea these even existed before!

He comes from the teaching lineage of Neville Goddard, who teaches the power of the mind & visualization (while evoking feelings in your body) to create what you wish.

Bill Withers

September 18, 2017

BTB Feng Shui Documentary

September 17, 2017

Feng Shui: Creating Environments for Success and Well-being

I discovered this hidden gem on Amazon Video, free if you have Prime. The feel of the video is very 1980s, though it was released in 1999.

The main thing is that it features the founder and leader of the Tibetan Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui (BTB Feng Shui, aka Western Feng Shui) Grandmaster Lin Yun!

I had never seen him in action before and this is a wonderful video to get acquainted with the art of Feng Shui, using real people and their homes. I enjoyed it.

(Disclosure: Contains Amazon affiliate link. Thanks for your support!)

Love It

September 17, 2017

Wishes Fulfilled

I came to Wayne Dyer in a roundabout way.

Normally one discovers Wayne during their initial dive into self-help and spirituality because he is one of the prominent names of all time, with tons of PBS specials, popular books, and other programs.

For some reason, his messages didn’t vibe with me back then. I was drawn to other teachers like Napoleon Hill, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks, and such for a very long time. I think I’ve read every self-help book on the planet except Wayne’s!

And now, I’ve come back around to discover Wayne Dyer through various synchronous connections, only to realize that he was truly an O.G. in the game! I just wanted to give him props before getting to the main point of this post.

I’m really digging his book Wishes Fulfilled!!
It is super good.

The book is about getting your wishes fulfilled, to attract what you desire into your life. Sounds like a familiar law of attraction topic, sure, but in my opinion, his methods are superior to all the methods I’ve studied so far. Yes, better than ALL the other popular teachers out there!

Drawing from the teachings of Neville Goddard, Wayne shows us how we can attract what we wish simply by visualizing and feeling the end result as if it’s already happened.

Want to attract your future husband?

Right before sleeping, simply lay down, get into that peaceful drowsy state, and visualize as if he already is married to you, right now. It’s already happened. Keep feeling how you would feel if he was right there with you.

Want a million dollars?
Same deal. How would you feel if it already happened. How would your conversations with your best friend be like when you tell him that your wishes were fulfilled?

Being with the end in mind.

You don’t worry about how it will happen. You don’t worry about if it will happen. You simply visualize, feel, and accept that it has already happened.

As you visualize and feel that end reality, you are spiritually magnetizing and switching into that reality. One day you will wake up and it will have happened. Wayne speaks from experience and I believe him.

This is such an easy method to follow that I absolutely love it. Better than ALL the other law of attraction methods, I tell ya.

Anyways, go read the book. It’s very good.

Wishes Fulfilled

(You can also read free Neville Goddard articles out there on the internet and listen to his various youtube talks to get the same message.

And thank you Wayne, I get the feeling that you touched my mind with your spiritual tendrils from the other side to lead me to your wonderful work. I look forward to checking out all his other books.)

(Disclosure: Contains Amazon affiliate link. Thanks for your support!)


September 17, 2017


September 17, 2017

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


September 17, 2017

Every day, we bear fruit to the seeds we planted last nite, last month, last year, and ten years ago.

The thoughts we planted deep inside our minds break through the soil. They keep growing strong if we water and fertilize them. Giving them the right light and heat.

If we don’t like the what we see, we pluck and toss the seedlings and start over.

That’s the job for today.
To fertilize the thoughts we like, pull out the weeds, and plant new seeds.