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What’s up.
1. Update on my life, health, and money situations. New healing modality: Shin Jin Jyutsu.

2. Talking about the idea of different cultures living in the same country, one of the downsides being we are afraid of people who are not like us. My experiences with people of other cultures.

3. Calming the cloud of fear whenever in a sticky situation with authority figures of a different culture, to avoid escalation, as we’ve heard of in the news recently.

I’ve been getting super into Steve Harvey lately.
I know these will inspire & motivate you too, guaranteed.

Gateway drugs:

The Full Package:

Calm & Serene Me
The other day, a friend told me that I seem calm and unaffected by things.

I was not getting worked up about the pokemon craze, all the violence in the world, or even the political circus. He was impressed.

This was high praise, because there was a time when that’s all I did. Getting worked up over things I cannot control.

As we were talking, I wondered.
Had I become an amazingly serene yogi all of a sudden? Did my inner practice over the years pay off? Maybe I’m awesome now and I hadn’t noticed, my ego thought.

Then the real secret of my success dawned on me. And my ego got a bit deflated.

Before I get to that, I’ll tell you two stories.

Sarah Silverman
I once heard Sarah tell this story.

She was lamenting to her therapist that her skin was wrinkly, drooping. Every time she looks at the mirror, she notices the weight she needs to lose, or another imperfection. And that gets her more depressed. What can I do doc to be less depressed?

Her therapist, silent for a moment, replied:
“Well then Sarah, stop looking at mirrors!”

The solution took Sarah by surprise. Then she realized the beauty in it. And has gotten better at not looking at mirrors.

The Old Joke
This is like the old joke variation of a patient going to the doctor and complaining that every time he does something, he gets sick.

Let’s say every time he eats taco bell, he gets diarrhea.
What should I do, doc?

Stop eating taco bell!

My (not so) Secret:
I’m sure you know the punchline.
I stopped ingesting things that make me sick.

Blocked addictive news sites through my router.
So I can no longer access yahoo homepage, huffpost, tmz, and others through my laptop or phone.

Stopped watching television.
This means no commercials, tempting me to buy or try things I don’t need. No local or 24hr cable news. And it prevents me from channel surfing, accidentally ingesting something I don’t need.

I no longer visit the main youtube page, full of highly tempting popular videos, but rather have a bookmark that leads me straight to my subscription page.

Turn off the volume on my laptop & do something else when a youtube, hulu, or other site plays ads before a video loads. Use adblock to not see ads anywhere.

Wearing headphones in the house when others are watching news in the main room.

Even still, a lot of news leaks to me via family, friends, or things I subscribe to. But hearing it second hand is much easier to handle than watching highly charged graphics & video.

To cut bad habits, I have a few tools.
Either I’ll write a blog post about it to you, convincing you not to do that. And somehow I become convinced as well. This is the best method.

Or I’ll use EFT. Or write to myself in a journal. Rarely will use hypnosis or affirmations. Write reminders to myself on my calendar or phone where I’ll see it every day. If things are worse than I can handle, I’ll ask for divine assistance. Whatever it takes.

My main task is to be the best version of me I can be.
Only work on things I can control and ignore the rest.

Michelle (Obama)

July 26, 2016

This may be old hat if you’re into this world.
But I wanted to publish it for posterity.

You already know about chakras.
You know that there are things we can do to help their maintenance.
To let em spin smoothly. Compare it to a daily shower.

One of the tools for chakra maintenance, a very effective one, is to use sound.

Jonathan Goldman is a leader in the sound healing movement. Has written books on this topic and released many musical albums.

The above video combines audio & visual symbols to get our chakras humming smoothly. You can feel it while listening.

Optional bonus:
If you want to get more out of this, you can hum along to the vowels associated with each chakra, which he reveals in the video.

The 7 Minute Chakra Tune Up – mp3 version via his site, email signup