So we know that mercury retrograde is happening now.

Notice any miscommunication cues with people? It’s subtle on my end but I’m definitely noticing misunderstandings, txts not making sense, and other communication issues with people.

What I did not know was that there are tons of retrogrades happening right now.

Mercury (mental/communication)
Mars (physical energy/vitality)
Jupiter (expansiveness, good fortune)
Saturn (cold, serious, restricting)
Pluto (long term transformation)
North Node

I don’t have any analysis to offer you on what all this means. But it is interesting to take note!

Planets Today Chart
2016 Mercury Retrograde Calendar

This is not for everyone.
But it might be the perfect one for you, if it’s the right time.
You’ll know what I mean when you read it.

It’s a channeled book.
If you’re familiar with Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Orin & DaBen, Conversations with God, A Course in Miracles, or The Seth Material, you’ll like this one.

If not, it will sound like a bunch of gibberish.

The book is super dense.
Like a deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s.
You go in thinking you’ll eat the whole thing in one sitting. But after one thick rich slice, you start feeling like a bear hit with a tranquilizer dart. After two slices, well forget about it!

It’s hard to read more than a couple of pages at a time of Oneness. Because just a few paragraphs will fill you right up. The author Rasha mentions in an interview that that’s how it’s meant to be read. Savored slowly rather than binge reading.

The weird thing about the book is that it seems to be speaking directly to you. It meets you exactly where you are at this moment in time, and takes into account everything you’ve gone thru in your life to get here.

It doesn’t matter which day you read the book, what mood you’re in, which random page you open, the message at that moment meets you exactly where you left off.

Very powerful read!

How I found the book is a weird story.
I started rereading E-Squared by Pam Grout.
Decided to redo exercise 1, where you ask the divine for a blessing, something wonderful and awesome. Something clear and positive.

That was at 12:26am.
The deadline I gave the divine was 48 hours. I made a note of it on my evernote app.

Randomly, I felt inspired to read the reviews for E-Squared on amazon. Then somehow that led me down a path to Oneness. I have no idea how I got there.

I started reading the reviews for this book and it was odd. It was like nearly every reviewer was hypnotized by the book. Everyone said the same thing. How amazing and awesome the book is. How it’s a life-changing must read.

I then became entranced by the reviews!
Had to see for myself what the hoopla was all about.

Pressed one-click to buy the kindle version. Started reading the first chapter and immediately felt the divine presence. Whatever worries or fears I had kinda vanished in that moment. It was a psychedelic experience. I don’t know how to explain it better than that.

It was like the divine decided to come down to the earth realm, quickly write a book specifically for me, uploaded it to amazon, and had me buy it. Just to tell me everything was ok and going according to plan. Stay the course. It’s all good, dude.


I snap out of the haze and look at the time.
It was now 12:46am.

Well, that was a quick response!

Oneness – Rasha

I heard Eckhart Tolle once say that it’s a trait of a master to ground the student either by you being near them, hearing their voice, or even reading their words.

I’ve found this to be true for me.

Quite often, I’ll be feeling scatterbrained, anxious, annoyed, irritated, or just lost in this world thru my senses. This is normal for all humans. We get sucked into the world and lose our seat of the soul.

At times like these (if I can remember), I’ll turn to one of the masters.

A favorite of mine is Alan Watts.

He’s a zen philosopher, a man of the world, piercer of the illusion we are all in. He gets it.

Within a couple seconds of hearing his booming, strong voice, I start to regain my stability. It’s like someone slapping you when you’re in hysterics, or dousing you with cold water when you’re on fire. Something like that.

I’m not the only one. Just look at the youtube comments left on his videos and you’ll see he has the same impact on many.

One of my favorite activities is to load one of his youtube videos using the mercury browser on my iphone, then letting it play in audio mode and go about doing whatever it is I need to do. Wash dishes, cook, drive, lay around, sit in a fir sauna, whatever. It’s a great way to ground back into my Self.

I think you will enjoy his talks also.

Short story:
Buy the book.

It’s highly rated, well-written, and a great guide to chinese medicine, written by westerners. They were the first two non-asian acupuncturists in america. It’s a must for any health focused person, which should be everyone.

The premise is that the body is a garden, not a machine.
Western doctors tend to be mechanics while eastern doctors are gardeners. In a machine, you can replace a broken part and the thing starts working fine again. Think of a broken clock where you replace some gear.

In a garden, everything affects everything. Sunlight, water, soil, wind, etc. Too much or too little results in different symptoms. When all elements are in harmony, the garden thrives.

The chapters on figuring out what kind of element you are (earth, metal, fire, water, wood) is worth more than the price of admission. It also includes detailed sections on the symptoms you will encounter if your body is not in balance.

Take a look at the table of contents preview on amazon to see what all is included. It’s comprehensive. You can buy a used paperback copy for $0.01 + $3.99 shipping. What a steal!

Long Story:
I’m late to the party.
This book was written in 19(freakin)91 and I’m reading it in 2016.

It shows that unless the student is ready, the master won’t appear. Unless the reader is ready, the right book won’t appear.

I just wasn’t ready to hear about chinese medicine unless I had trial and error-ed my way here after decades of chasing dead ends.

You know by now that I decided to go hardcore and read every book and try everything I could to improve my health, back in 2012. I made it my full time job.

Without writing a whole novel, I’ll quickly summarize weird symptoms I had.
1. Arm numbness while sleeping (in hindsight, this was triple warmer issue)
2. Overweight no matter which diet I tried
3. Acid reflux
4. Hair graying fast at young age (i thought this was normal until I started looking into TCM, kidney weakness)
5. 4th toe pain, felt like I stepped on glass (exactly where triple warmer is)
6. Weak spleen meridian, tested by eden energy practicioner. i also notice the spleen meridian points on my body are super sore quite frequently
7. bloating, gassy, poor digestion, loose stools (i thought this was normal)
8. oral thrush candida on tongue. (looking now, it’s exactly where kidney function is according to tcm)
9. Neck nerve pain (exactly where the triple warmer runs)
10. super cracked lips no matter what balm i use (later realized cracked lips happened only at certain times of day, and became soft again at other times, spleen deficiency)
11. i was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. adrenals are associated with kidney meridian. i also noticed the adrenal points (1 in to the right of belly button, 2 inches above) are sore often, especially on days i have severe fatigue
12. post nasal drip, the nurse practioner gave me antibiotics and nasal sprays, didnt really cure the issue. acc to tcm this is probably dampness?
13. super low vitamin d levels, this is a yang (sun/heat) deficiency
14. seasonal affective disorder, this is a yang deficiency, esp pronounced for a kidney/water/cold system
15. there are other issues, i can’t remember all right now.

You may remember that I tried multiple health care professionals.
A regular md, an osteopathic doctor, chiropractor acupuncture doctor, tcm doctor, functional medicine chiropractor, others i can’t remember now. Did blood tests, hormone spit tests, genetic testing, micronutrient testing, ubiome stool testing, genetic testing, and whatever else i could afford.

Some said I looked healthy according to tests except that i need lose weight, lower my cholesterol, and exercise to raise my hdl. This is something I’ve always heard from all my doctors. One person diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue.

The TCM doctor diagnosed me with something, but at that time I didn’t understand what he was saying. His solution were some herbs and regular acupuncture treatments, neither of which I felt like doing because I thought he was wrong.

So I took the questionnaire listed in this book and it lists me as a water type. Kidney system. The kidney/water system has its own psychology and physical symptoms. And kidney interacts with the other 4 organ systems, especially the heart (fire) and the spleen (earth). Your system may be harmonic, collapsed, and exaggerated. Mine seems to be that the kidney system is exaggerated, depleting heart and spleen energies.

I did a double take reading this section.
Remember last year, I went thru a hardcore astrology phase? So, my sun sign is water. I’m air dominant. And I’m weak in fire and earth, according to my chart.

I also had a hardcore feng shui period last year. While working on that, I noticed my living area lacked fire and earth as well.

I rely heavily on coffee, tyrosine, full spectrum bulbs, bright lightboxes, sauna, and warm bright sunlight to keep me energized and balanced. All of which can be categorized as fire energy. Love of spicy foods all my life, which could be a natural way I’m craving yang energy to balance me out. Niacin and turmeric, two things I’ve tried that help with depression are warming items. Drinking ice cold drinks for YEARS, put out my digestive fire, increased yang deficiency.

Earth wise, i’ve tried some things as well before knowing any of this. earthing mat, grounding my feet outdoors, grounding with a stainless steel spoon etc. many health practitioners have told me i need a lot of grounding. I’ve also experimented with crystals and gemstones for grounding. They do work. Essentially, that’s like carrying earth in my pocket. Been taking high doses of soil based probiotics, basically adding earth to my gut. This has normalized my digestion issues.

So there is a pattern emerging.

Pretty nuts how separate systems say the same thing and results in all the health symptoms I’ve been experiencing. And TCM is able to categorize all these random symptoms into a few imbalances. There are 5 organ systems, 5 emotions, 5 climates, and yin (deficiency) or yang (excess). The root cause can be figured out simply by looking at the tongue and the pulse.

Once you figure out what is wrong, there are sections in the book on how to fix your issues thru acupuncture, herbs, and nourishing meals.


Ok I was going to write more but this is getting to be too long. My point is that random symptoms I’ve been keeping track of all these years are now put into the proper perspective by reading this book.

I’ve only skimmed the relevant chapters since I got the book last nite. But I’m super impressed and wanted to share the news with you.

I’ll update you later once I figure out more.

Between Heaven and Earth

I want to share a cool article that I loved and think you will enjoy.

First a story.
I remember a long time ago, listening to an atheist celebrity type person. I think he was suffering from some type of illness, maybe deep depression, cancer or something like that. An interviewer asked him if someone promised him that his illness would be cured if he believed in god, would he convert? The answer was an emphatic hell no.

I was mostly an atheist back then but thought this was kind of an odd answer. Because if I could lose weight or get over my other issues, just by believing something different, I’d probably do it. Maybe I was more weak willed than this dude?

Anyways, fast forward to now and I love spiritual stuff.
It happened because I kept reading as many books as possible and a lot of books recommended by my favorite people. I’m still not religious but I love all the spiritual teachings. Buddhism, zen, native american, bhagavad gita, mystical christianity, the tao te ching, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, channeled info, chakras, auras, meditation, and blah blah blah.

Life can be difficult as it is.
It’s certainly long and full of some peaks and many valleys. If we are to take on the battle all on our own, that’s certainly fine. But it’s more fun and more efficient using help from the spiritual realm. Why not? It’s free!

That brings me to this article I want to share with you.
It’s written by Swami Kriyananda (a white dude!), for Clarity Magazine, which is dedicated to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.

It’s a great, short, uplifting read.

The Power to Transcend All Obstacles – Swami Kriyananda