This is awesome. I stumbled onto the hidden guy who is responsible for writing a majority of the hits we hear on the radio. Swedish dude named Max Martin.

He has written or cowritten 21 Billboard Hot 100 number one hits. Only behind Paul McCartney (32) and John Lennon (26) on the all-time list. As a producer, Max has the 2nd most number one singles. He’s had 54 songs reach the top 10, beating Madonna, Elvis Presley, and The Beatles.

He’s written top hits for Britney Spears, NSync, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, and The Weekend. Also helped write for Avril Lavigne, Adele, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Justin Bieber, Cyndi Lauper, Adam Lampert, Bon Jovi, and many others.

I had always wondered how these top artists were able to write so many hit songs so frequently. Creativity can be an elusive fickle thing. Now we have an answer. In the music industry, there are a few hitmakers who write and produce all the songs. Max Martin, Ester Dean, Stargate, and Dr. Luke. I read about this in the new book, The Song Machine.

The artists we see out in front are simply refillable cartridges. Talented and good looking, sure. Hardworking, yes. But all the hits are made somewhere else in a music factory and loaded into these singing performing machines.

It’s the same thing as the late shows (Letterman, Daily Show, Colbert). The host has a group of writers who write all the jokes and bits. The host performs and gets the credit.

Max Martin – Wikipedia
The Song Machine – Inside The Hit Factory (book): has stories on Ace of Base, NSync, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, K-Pop and more.

According to an amazon reviewer, the book can be summarized by these New Yorker articles, written by same author.
Blank Space – What kind of genius is Max Martin
Factory Girls: Cultural technology and the making of K-pop
The Doctor is In – Dr Luke has written 30+ top 10 hits for Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Kesha, Miley Cyrus, T.I, Flo Rida, Pitbull, etc
The Song Machine – The Hitmakers behind Rihanna – About Ester Dean, who also works with Nicki Minaj, Usher, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Rowland, and others.

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Today I’m talking about super basic relationship astrology shit. Things that make people get along and not.

Astrology is based on the 4 elements (fire, earth, air, water) and 3 modalities (cardinal, fixed, mutable). Thus, 4×3 = 12 signs.

Super basic relationship stuff:
In general, Earth and Water are harmonious.
Fire and Air are harmonious.

If the Sun signs match, then everything else will be manageable.
If the Sun signs don’t match, then it will be an uphill battle.

You can also look at the signs of the following for you and your partner:
Moon (Emotional Style)
Venus (Love Style)
Mars (Sex & Energy Style)
Rising Sign (Public personality)

You can refine this further.
We know that Earth and Water get along.
But it’s better for a Cardinal Earth (Capricorn) to stay away from Cardinal Water (Cancer). Same for fixed and mutable. Fixed should stay away from other fixed and mutable away from other mutable.

You can also do advanced stuff like Synastry, which is putting your natal chart on top of your partner’s, to see how the planets aspect with either. There are free websites that will do that for you.

Some examples of Sun signs:
Louis CK: Virgo (earth, mutable)
Ex wife: Aquarius (air, fixed)
ended up in divorce

Bill Clinton: Leo (fire, fixed)
Hillary Clinton: Scorpio (water, fixed)
super incompatible.
still together but probably not as close and intimate as if their signs were harmonious.

Al Gore: Aries (fire, cardinal)
Tipper Gore: Leo (fire, fixed)
super compatible.
ended up in separation after 40yrs of marriage. I would call this a successful union. 40yrs is a long ass time.

Kevin Hart: Cancer (water, cardinal)
Ex wife: Pisces (water, mutable)
Super compatible.
Ended up in divorce.
Just because Sun signs match doesn’t mean all will peachy.

Kevin’s current fiance: Leo (fire)
Not compatible.
Will see what the future holds. Maybe they have other harmonious aspects in their full chart or they will work hard to make it work.

Triple H: Leo (fire, fixed)
Stephanie: Libra (air, cardinal)
super compatible.
married, with kids, and work together.

Vince McMahon: Virgo (earth, mutable)
Linda McMahon: Libra (air, cardinal)
not compatible.
married, business partners, though it seems vince takes care of all work related things and linda is in the background. vince has publicly said he’s cheated on his wife.

Dwayne Johnson: Taurus (earth, fixed)
Exwife: Sagittarius (fire, mutable)
not compatible.
divorced but on good terms, have kid together. still business partners.

Dwayne’s Current Fiance: Virgo (earth, mutable)
super compatible.

Tina Fey: Taurus (earth, fixed)
Husband: Capricorn (earth, cardinal)
Super compatible
Married. Work together on their netflix show Kimmy Schmidt

Amy Poehler: Virgo (earth, mutable)
Super compatible with Tina

Jim Gaffigan: Cancer (Water, Cardinal)
Jeannie Gaffigan: Pisces (Water, Mutable)
Super compatible.
Married. 5 kids. They’re always together and work together.

Tom Segura: Aries (Fire, Cardinal)
Christina Pazsitzky: Gemini (Air, Mutable)
Super compatible.
Married. They even do a podcast together.

My mother: Cancer (Water, cardinal)
Father: Libra (Air, cardinal)
Super incompatible.
They should divorce but will never do it due to old-school tradition.

Remember that the full natal chart and synastry aspects will reveal more details than looking only at sun sign compatibility.

If your energies are incompatible, all hope is not lost.
It just means more work will be needed to get things on track.

Husband and wife energy medicine pioneers Donna Eden (Pisces/Water) and David Feinstein (Capricorn/Earth by only one day, close to Sagittarius/Fire) wrote a book called the Energies of Love. They are opposite personality types, Donna being a free spirit hippie type and David is a suit wearing intellectual type.

This book details their difficulties and how they overcame them by using energy medicine. Aligning their chakras, meridians, aura, etc.

Compatible Zodiac Signs
Sign Elements, Qualities, Polarities
Elements & Energy Synastry
Energies of Love – Donna Eden & David Feinstein (book)

This is a saying I learned the hard way.
It relates to the stock market. If a company is failing, do not buy. And do not hold on hoping it will come back up. Bail asap. Don’t catch a falling knife. You’ll only hurt yourself.

During the stock market boom of the late 90’s, there was this broadband company called @Home. I was a complete stock market newbie wanting to make money fast. This one family friend quit his day job as a nurse and supposedly made a big killing day trading. He told me about @Home.

@Home was a company that was poised to sink from the beginning. They didn’t own any of the pipes in the ground, but rather leased them from cable tv providers like Comcast. It was only a matter of time til the big boys jumped into the high speed internet game.

At that time the stock as around ~$130 I think. And I bought at the peak. I had no idea about reading 10-k’s, balance sheets, cash flow statements, financial analysis. As soon as I bought, the stock started plummeting. $120. $100. $90. $70. $50. $30. The whole time the knife was falling, I assumed it would bounce back up. I even bought more stock at times. Wishful thinking. @Home went out of business. Since then, I have no emotional connection to stocks. If they start misbehaving, I cut loose asap. Or better yet, try to buy companies that have a very low chance of falling.

This rule applies to everything.
You know the feeling you get when you get a lap dance at the strip club? If you’re a normal human being, at some point you start feeling bad for the girls. You start imagining them as your sister or mom or someone. A downtrodden person. This is the classic cliche. Guys wanting to save strippers. And the girls take advantage of this by milking you outta cash. They can’t be saved. They’re falling knives, falling buddhas, falling souls. And that’s ok. Maybe that’s the journey they want to experience in this lifetime. They can only saved if they want to be saved. Let the knives fall, don’t stick your hand out there.

In Warren Buffet’s biography, there’s a story of a falling knife. One of his kids or sisters had a friend who was a lost cause. Constantly on drugs, trying to get his life together but couldn’t. At a pivotal point, the family member asked Warren if she could borrow some money to save this guy. Warren refused. Later the guy was found dead, of a drug overdose. I don’t know if Warren made the right moral choice, but maybe he knew that this guy could not be saved. And he didn’t want to enable him by giving him money.

Unless you plan on being a saint like Mother Theresa, devoting your whole life to saving people, it’s best to avoid people/places/things that will take you down with them.

Louis CK on Trump

January 14, 2016

This is an old clip but still relevant today.
Money didn’t make him happy. Still thirsty for more.

And a clip from his show, summarizing what he said above

Bonus Louis
Here is someone sounding very much like Louis CK (ok, it’s him) defending the mayor of New York on a radio show.

The first time I went to an eden energy practicioner, she had me do the daily energy routine. When I got to the hookup exercise, I did a deep sigh. She remarked that it was a sign that my energy was aligning properly. Sounded weird and I didn’t pay much attention to this nor believe it.

Later, I tried searching online for any clue to this but could not find anyone talking about this.

Today, after having done the energy routine regularly for many months, I know for sure that when my energies hook up properly, I will sigh and yawn, sometimes so much that my eyes will water. This happens when I do a bunch of eft rounds as well, mostly the karate chop points. Maybe my small intestine meridian is hooking up.

So yes, yawning while doing energy medicine is a good sign. You can use this as a marker to see how your body’s energies are shifting for the better.