Recently I found an article by a fellow s.a.d sufferer who built his own light system trying to mimic sunlight. First he rigged his system to have 30,000 lumens, then upgraded it to be 90,000 lumens!!

His goal was to get as close to outside daylight as possible, which is around 100,000 lux on a bright day.

By comparison to his set up, one of the brightest full spectrum bulbs available on amazon, an Alzo Digital 45 watt CFL, produces 2800 lumens. And that’s the brightest one I could find in all my years of searching!

This guy’s system is equivalent to using 32 of these bulbs!

I had been using a tree lamp that has 5 of these Alzo bulbs for a total of 14,000 lumens. On top of that, I also sit in front of three 10,000 lux s.a.d. lightboxes at once in the winter & even in summer for extra light. Family, friends, and even doctors were thinking I was nuts, but I felt better as I kept increasing the light.

After reading this guy’s article, I may need to step up my lumen game to feel even better!

YOU NEED MORE LUMENS: his original 30,000 lumen setup
MORE LUX: light bars for SAD: 90,000 lumens

Guide to lux, lumens, and watts: explains the confusing verbiage of comparing bulbs

There are really only two types of clean diets.

Low Carb
You can go the paleo route: aka low carb high fat, moderate to high protein. Eat a bunch of animals with low starch veggies.

Low Fat
Or you can go the vegan plant-based route: high carb, low fat, low/moderate protein. Eat a bunch of starchy tubers and grains, fruits, and veggies. No animals, or some limited amount.

Many land on the right type of diet by trial and error but you can avoid a lot of wasted time and energy by analyzing your 23andme genetic information.

According to the data:
45% of people do better on a low carb diet
39% do better on a low fat diet
16% of bastards can lose weight on any diet

88% need to do high intensity exercise to lose weight
12% can lose weight on any exercise

The article below explains which genes to look at in your test results.

These 5 Genes Predict What Kind of Diet and Exercise is Best For Your Body

Enjoyed this talk quite a bit.

Reading the news

April 19, 2017

How perfect does the world have to be before I can be happy?

I like to ask myself that question whenever I get lost in the cycle of reading news and politics over and over, get enraged, and ruin my day.

There will never be a time when every human being is perfectly well-fed, happy, rich, healthy, live to the ripe old age of 110, and pass away peacefully in their sleep.

There will never be a time when all animals live to their ripe old age and pass away peacefully. There will never be a time when the earth and all of its natural resources are perfectly taken care of.

If I wait for all that to happen before I can have a good day, ….

So, the only option is to accept that there is suffering in the world and choose to be happy anyways.