Joe Dispenza Meditation Review

December 13, 2017

Holy cow!

I am so glad I purchased one of his meditation mp3s. It is so powerful and amazing that I’m trying to not overhype the whole thing.

Let’s start from the beginning.
I am a big Joe Dispenza fan and have been for years. I’ve heard many of his talks and interviews. The other day, I decided to buckle down and read one of his books, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

The idea is that if we can change our thoughts, we can change our life.
This is nothing new.

I’ve heard and learned this from dozens of teachers over the decades. The thing Joe does so well is explain it really well using science but in simple terms. Next, he shows us HOW to do that. How do you change your thoughts to change your life? Because we can sit around and speak affirmations and write new thoughts all day long but rarely get any results. That’s because we’re not going deep enough to affect our subconscious programming. I know, I have tried for many years with not much effect to show for it.

Joe’s idea is to meditate so that we can switch from beta brain state to alpha. Then we connect with the universal life force and match it’s will. We deprogram our current way of thinking by identifying it and asking the universal life force to help us make a change. Then we program how we want to feel into our brain. The thoughts, feelings, emotions of the perfect ideal state. That version of us already exists in the multiverse. What we are doing it being a match to that state so that we become entwined with it. And sooner of later, something random and surprising will happen, classified as a miracle, that will shock up to show that what we did actually worked.

The idea is that there are really no limits to what we can achieve, except the impossible like growing a new limb or growing 10 inches taller, but we should be able to become happier, healthier, cure our diseases, achieve a state of mind and create life of our dreams using these tools.

All of this is known as self directed neuroplasticity. And we are entering the quantum field of possibilities and working with the universe life force.

You can follow along with the instructions mentioned in the book, which is fine, but he also has meditation mp3s that make the process much easier. So, I proceeded to buy one that’s associated with this book, for a whopping $6.00! Super inexpensive.

Can I just say that… IT WAS LIFECHANGING!

My first meditation session was this past Saturday, four days ago. Right afterwards, things started moving and changing.

First of all, my body was reacting super crazily during the meditation. I would yawn nonstop. My eyes would tear up and flood. My nose would NOT stop running and I’d have to blow it every few minutes. My body felt tingles. Shivers.

I’m familiar with these types of bodily reactions which I observe during some types of energy work, like EFT or especially Qigong. These are known as reactions that signal that energy is moving in the body. But, I never have gotten reactions this strong as I have with the Joe Dispenza meditation. And it happens every time so far. I think it means that new genes are being signaled and my body is changing from me thinking new thoughts.

My mind felt happy and alive too. My mood is always at all time highs when I do these meditations, especially because I’m picturing me at peak moments. I’m picturing my ideal self and that self is happy, healthy, and energized.

Right after I did the first meditation, I had the intense desire to go outside for a walk. This is a rare normal occurrence, as in it almost never happens normally, especially in the Chicago winter. So I went for a walk and actually enjoyed it.

Another day, I had an intense desire to jump on the treadmill and do a combination of walking and running. Me. RUNNING! I haven’t ran in more than a decade. And since then, I’ve done it again. Remember, I’ve only been meditating for four days by now. That’s me running twice in four days! ME! RUNNING!!

I had the intense desire to go out and hang out at cafes and libraries. Normally I’m a homebody and never feel like doing that. But I did and felt calm, serene, and in the zone. Normally I feel on edge from all the people and erratic energies floating around. This time, I felt calm and centered. My normally hair-trigger flight or fight system has been off. This itself is a major miracle.

I went to a super busy grocery store and felt calm as well, even thought it was super busy during the holiday season. This is also a rare occurrence, since I almost always get knocked off my center from the erratic energy of people in grocery stores.

I had new ideas on how to eat for my health. I had more energy to hang out with people, again, super impressive considering the bleak dark Chicago winters.

Sometimes I’ll do the meditation once a day. Other times, I’ll even do it twice a day, morning and night. It feels that good. One meditation session is around 1 hour and 10 minutes. Normally, I can barely do 20 minutes of normal TM meditation, but these 70 minutes of the Joe Dispenza meditation fly by.

It’s only been four days and today is day five. I have yet to hit up my session yet, but I look forward to it in the evening. I expect the positive miracles to multiply as I break the habit of being myself!

(I’ll update later on how it all went down in the future.)

Meditation: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Book: Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One

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This is a takeoff on the technique explained in Potatoes, Not Prozac.

The idea in the book is to eat a protein rich meal in the evening, then eat a plain baked potato about 3 hours later. The tryptophan from the protein rich meal will be floating around in your system and the plain baked potato, which is full of carbs, help to shuttle that tryptophan into the brain to make serotonin. Serotonin is the chemical that makes you feel good and happy.

If you ate protein and carbs/potato together, the process doesn’t work the same. Carbs have to be eaten alone a while after the protein rich meal.

Over trial and error, I’ve noticed that my gut doesn’t do too well on white potatoes. So the other day, I had the idea to simply eat fruit as my carbs instead. Bananas, apples, oranges, and such. And it has been working.

I’ll eat a protein (chicken, red meat, fish) + nonstarchy vegetables as one of my meals. Then about 3 hours later, I’ll eat some fruit alone as a meal. I alternate the process throughout the day. Very easy to do and has been helping my mood.

On Vegan Diets

December 6, 2017

I’ve experimented with vegetarian and vegan diets in the past, and found this talk by Natasha Campbell McBride, author of Gaps Diet, interesting.

She is a proponent of an omnivore whole food diet, eating clean plants and animals.

Natasha makes the argument that animal products are healthier for us than plants! That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that.

She is against vegan diets, especially for long term use. Short term plant diets are ok to be used as a cleansing tool for overweight and toxic folks.

Spring Forest Qigong

December 4, 2017

Spring Forest Qigong was recommended to me by a friend, and since I had heard of Qigong as a healing modality before, I thought I’d try this one out. I’m now a believer and convert!

There are hundreds (and possibly thousands) of kinds of Qigong out there and SFQ is simply one version.

SFQ is taught by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin and is meant to be an easy way to learn this practice that benefits every aspect of our health. If you look online, folks have used Qigong to heal nearly every disease and ailment you can think of, even dire things like terminal cancer.

The premise of Qigong is that once you get your chi flowing properly, the body will heal itself. Chi blockages result in disease.

The SFQ program comes with active exercises, where you actually move your body, and meditative practices, where you sit and visualize the energy moving in your body. All of the practices are very simple to do.

I’ve been doing the SFQ active exercises daily for a few weeks now and absolutely love the effect it has on my body.

As soon as I start the practice, my body responds. Usually my nose will start to run nonstop, clearing out the sinuses and impurities I think. It is quite ridiculous how much my nose will drip as soon as I start my Qigong practice! Maybe it is firing up my lung meridian.

My body will also feel tingles and warmth. I even start to heat up and slightly perspire towards the end of the exercises. And afterwards, I feel a calm zen glow. Very relaxed and peaceful.

These types of things are known as Qigong reactions, a common set of things that happen to our body once we start moving the chi.

All of this from simply standing and moving gently!

None of the “exercises” are meant to be cardiovascular in nature. We are mostly standing in place and simply moving our arms as slowly as possible. If you saw what I was doing, it would look like the slowest movements that should have NO effect on the body. Yet, it somehow does! The power of chi.

To do the exercises, you have some options. You can watch and follow along with the video. Or you can follow along using the audio mp3s. Lastly, you can print out the pdf manual and follow along with the pictures.

All of those methods are fine but the thing that really helped me in my practice was to take a few moments to memorize the 8 exercises so that I can do it without having to refer to anything else.

That way, I can do my Qigong wherever I am and whatever I am doing, even if watching a tv show! I know, I know, qigong is meant to be done with a quiet mind, but I like to do it while something is on in the background. My mind can zone out while my subconscious mind can do the eight exercises.

So, I highly recommend printing out the pdf and taking a day or so to memorize the 8 movements so that you can do it without thinking.

Spring Forest Qigong Product Page


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December 2, 2017

I frequently see an ad for a reality tv show. It’s one of those family reality shows where the parents and kids are featured.

I was amazed at how great the family looks because the clips of the show made me feel warm and fuzzy.

The kids are all cute, get along, and say funny things.

The mom and dad are perfect too. Good looking couple. Doting to the kids, plays games with them, and say cute things to each other. It’s all very pg and heartwarming.

I was inspired me to look them up on google. How great that these types of people exist, I thought.

Well, that bubble was burst immediately.

Turns out the dad has 14 (!) children with 8 different women (!!).

The mom has an arrest sheet for assault and various other things. She had even once faked a suicide while pregnant to scare her husband and cops were called.


That was a rude awakening for me that no one is perfect, everyone has skeletons in their closet, and reality tv is the fakest tv of all.

I’ve recently become big on the works of Joe Dispenza.

He teaches that we can manifest our wishes as well as heal ourselves by the power of our focused thought combined with elevated emotions.

Meaning, you have to think a positive thought and also experience a positive emotion in the body.

In the past, I’ve done thoughts, visualizations, and affirmations hundreds of times, using my brain but it rarely evoked a feeling in the body. I just didn’t know how to do that.

Like Joe says, thoughts are the language of the brain and emotions are the language of the body.

So, I was only accomplishing one half of the equation by doing affirmations and whatnot without ever feeling it in the body.

The other day, I did my tm meditation, and got to that sweet spot of no thought, no body, no senses. The spot where you can no longer feel your hands and feet, everything feels numb.

Then I introduced my focused thought. A scene I want to happen in my life.

I pictured earning a certain amount of money and how awesome that felt. I pictured it as something that already happened, not something to happen in the future. (That’s an important distinction in visualizing.)

So far so good.
Yet, there was no feeling in the body.

Suddenly an image popped into my mind.

I remembered an old episode of Martin where he won the lottery and starting hooting and hollering, doing backflips and ridiculous dance moves. A classic tv moment.

I pictured myself acting the same silly way, hopping up and down in delight after my wish had become reality.

Right away, happy emotions poured out of my heart and into my body, and I felt the tingles flow all around! The scene felt real!

My face started smiling and I lived in that imaginal moment, thought and emotion working hand in hand. I had figured out how to evoke an emotion using thought alone!


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