June 28, 2017

“By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you will be happy. If you get a bad one, you will be a philosopher.”

First things first.
I’m a believer. Definitely more Mulder than Scully.

I’ve been to dozens & dozens of tarot readers, palm readers, psychics, intuitives, channelers, and the like all my life. I just love that stuff.

Most recently, my mom went to India and heard about Nadi astrology. That’s where they look at your fingerprints, and then head back into their “library” to find palm leaves with your specific life story on it.

Yes, you read that right.
They have a palm leaf for every human living in the world and all who have ever lived!

What happens is there’s an initial question answer period, where they are flipping thru palm leaves (that only they can decipher) stating things like, “you have three kids, one boy and two girls.”

You are to answer yes or no.
If the answer is no, they go to the next leaf and start again.

The goal is to get something like four yeses. Then that is your leaf with your destiny on it.

They will even read out specific things like the names of your parents, spouse, & kids! Even if you’re from Japan! It’s a mindfuck. (I wasn’t there but my mom told me so. And later I saw youtube videos of the process.)

When I heard about this, I went to the nearest Michael’s to buy an inkpad. Pasted my fingerprints onto a piece of paper, scanned it, and texted it to my mom. She promptly went to the local Nadi guy the next day.

The cost was only like ten american dollars. There are many chapters of your life that you can order, costing more money, or you can simply get a general reading.

There are also cures to fix what ails you, according to my google search. Things like go to these temples and do these poojas.

As you can imagine, my life information was eerily accurate. There were no cures offered, maybe my mom didn’t ask. I’m glad.

For a couple months, I totally became obsessed with nadi astrology (nearly every believer does if you watch youtube videos and read blogs). Some people even move to India and change their whole lives, becoming more spiritual.

I consumed everything I could about the subject, even read an obscure enthusiastic book written by a well known Indian fighter pilot.

I thought of getting a repeat nadi reading through one of the online ways, which cost considerably more than in India. I really wanted to hear more about my destiny and how I can fix my issues.

Luckily, that fever went away with a few months of time. I regained my senses.

Fortune telling is like magic. There are tricks behind the curtain that we cannot see, but once seen, it fails to amaze us any longer.

Because if it truly worked, these guys would all be running the world as billionaires. Instead, the readers are regular simple indian folks doing it as a job.

And also because it’s a trick. An illusion. They perfected cold reading techniques and mask it behind a veil of secrecy and palm leaves.

The typical fortune telling process is all the same.

What everyone is hoping to hear are some encouraging things, like you will be rich and destined for greatness.

When will things improve, you ask.

The fortune teller will usually wince, because he cannot answer this question, and say the typical answer of three years. He’s hoping that’s enough of a time for you to change your own life. Or you’ll forget about all of this and won’t bug him by then.

What about all the bad things, you ask. Is there anything you can give me right now?

Just like modern day witch doctors, with proper degrees and training, they will hand you a prescription. Take this thing. Pray here. Do that other thing.

Don’t misunderstand me.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing at all. On the contrary. If there wasn’t a big mystery ordeal behind the process, we would not believe.

Because belief is a poweful thing. Belief can cure what ails you. Change your whole destiny. Power of the subconscious mind. Belief heals for real. Otherwise known as placebo effect.

And these folks, I assume, are well meaning. Just like regular doctors and healers, there are some good and some bad. There are ripoff artists in every field (medicine, used cars, contractors, and fortune tellers). There are also well meaning folks genuinely hoping to help change your life.

The fortune teller knows that he’s simply the middle man in your life, the placebo.

You know what?
I love placebos. They’re my favorite things.

As a matter of fact, I take two handfuls of placebos, in the form of various pills and liquids, each morning and evening. If I go too many days without em, I start to feel sick.

In poor places like India, where conditions are not the best, these folks are the equivalent of doctors, therapists, and life coaches.

The cure has no side effects. Other than some money, which you would spend on things anyways, time, and effort.

People in India already pray and go to temples. If they do a specific ritualistic prayer and make an offering to the gods, their mind will start to believe in its powers.

Your liver isn’t going to have toxic side effects, like with prescription drugs, because you went to a distant temple to pray. (Side effects are also placebos, just negative ones, which they put at the end of their drug ads, reinforcing that negative belief within us.)

I remember going to a locally well known muslim pychic in India, about 16 years ago. I was more skeptical then.

He told me my good future fortune, and offered a special golden talisman I can wear around my neck with a special prayer note inside it. He then sent us to his preferred jeweller.

I wore the thing for a while, the whole time not believing in it.


Mainly because when he recommnded a specific jeweller, he broke the spell and woke up my inner skeptic. I assumed he got kickbacks for sending his customers there. He should’ve left us to find our own jeweller.

Also he was muslim, and even though I was raised Hindu, I was practically Atheist back then. So that also worked against him. Believing his faith was too many hurdles for my subconscious mind to jump.

The real story is I want to share today is that we are creators of our own lives. We create according to our belief.

Most of us don’t believe that yet, so we take prescription or sugar pills, roll around the ground and prostrate ourselves, so that our mind believes the power is outside us.

We all could change our lifes for the better just by our own unwavering belief and faith. Since that seems too easy, we rely on things that take a bit of effort to do.

Even though I intellectually understand all of this, I still carry crystals and gemstones, take my tonics, and ask for help from the fairies and the Archangels. As a matter of fact, I’m having a feng shui specialist come into our home to check the chi and offer various cures.

And I suppose I will continue to visit various seers & healers in the future as they come into my life.

Whatever it takes to believe!

(A great read on the topic of belief is Secret of the Ages by Robert Collier.

The idea for this post was inspired by Anatomy of a Healing by Norman Cousins and Placebos by Seth Godin. Permission Slips by Bashar. And finally, thank you Abraham-Hicks for enlightening me.)

Do What You Love

June 28, 2017

Whether we realize it now, or take a hundred lifetimes of trial and error, the message is to follow your loves.

The things you absolutely cannot stop doing (and I don’t mean watching porn).

For me that was building websites.

I remember we got our first computer back in the early 90s. Then somehow I stumbled onto websites that taught html. I can build my own site from scratch?! Only using a notepad?? Amazing!

I must’ve spend all day and night for years learning all the little intricacies. I simply could not stop.

Once you know how to make a website though, you gotta do something with it. That’s where the error in trial and error came along.

I made a personal website, imitating a late night curmudgeon sports radio guy from chicago. He had Bum of the Week. So I did bum of the week, but with people I didn’t like in school.

The word must’ve gotten back to the bums, even though it was a personal private website with no marketing at all, some wise guy tricked me into revealing my personal information. The oldest trick in the book, used flattery to get my deets.

The next day, in the school library, my friends and I shockingly discovered that my lil site had been hacked and replaced with a giant picture of a naked husky lady, spread eagle!

Lesson learned.

Then I went thru different phases. Made a tupac website even though I was a biggie fan. (I went after the clicks.)

Made a website reporting on wrestling, but I just copied and pharaphrased reports from other sites. I of course didn’t have any insider info.

Made a website drop shipping things. Another attempt at following what I thought I should do, to make money, rather than following what I love.

But what did I love?
I had no idea.

Then I started another site with a friend, because I didn’t want to do a solo expedition, talking about dumb stuff, as guys do. He didn’t keep up and we quit.

I made a bunch of affiliate marketing websites that made a good amount of money, but I simply couldn’t stand working on them any longer.

Eventually I started this blog, back in 2011, not following my love, but to solve a challenge. Losing weight. I read that if you hold yourself publicly accountable, ie thru a blog, that would help.

That didn’t really work either but it was better than nothing.

Over the years, I wrote about random things, trial and error, and surprisingly many people commented and emailed me (!) saying they love my stuff and some even changed their lives! Whaaaa?

The blog posts I thought would get the most clicks, because I wrote for the crowd, were not popular at all.

The things I thought nobody would care about, but I just couldn’t stop the urge to share, became super popular.

(I assumed no one would care about the things that interested me because literally no family or friend was into the same stuff. They would look at me with a sideye or act like I was crazy. A swan raised by a bunch of ducks, I guess.)

That’s how I discovered that sharing what I love is ok and fun and even rewarding.

Only lately, and I do mean lately, am I discovering what I love.

I love the things I eat mentally. That happens to be anything that improves my life. The things that nourish my soul. The little tips and tricks to the game of life.

So here we are.
And I’m just getting started!

You can take the easy way or the long scenic route like I did, it doesn’t matter, but eventually those paths will lead to your loves.

(Or maybe you’ll die pleasing the crowd and realize this lesson in your next lifetime. Because I’m pretty sure this isn’t my first go around at all of this.)

The scenic route also has its perks. It’s much more, well, scenic. Pleasurable. Like slow cooking a delicious meal vs popping it in the microwave.

“Not all who wander are lost.”
– J. R. R. Tolkien

Robert Collier

June 28, 2017

Because of an earlier, seemingly undiagnosable illness, finally cured through Christian Science, Bob became interested in health products and felt that 98% of our illnesses came from chemically treated, denatured foods. From this illness came the desire to investigate how the Mind could so quickly and surely cure a trouble that doctors had been working on for months–that there must be powers in the Mind he had never even suspected; and if it had dominion over his physical self, why could it not cure business problems too? Why could it not correct any financial lack? Why could it not bring him anything of good that he might wish?

He decided that it could–and proceeded to find the way. For long months, he studied hundreds of books and courses on everything relating to New Thought metaphysics, occult, and success. Whole religions seemed to be built on it. He delved into the deepest mysteries of the Masters. It was a long time before he began to find parts that were really workable in everyday life, a long time before he realized tangible results from his efforts, but when results began, they came quickly.

Warren Buffett: II

June 28, 2017

“A good business is like a strong castle with a deep moat around it. I want sharks in the moat. I want it untouchable.”

(Applies to good people too.)

Green Onions

June 28, 2017

Jim Rohn

June 28, 2017

“Become a millionaire not for the million dollars, but for what it will make of you to achieve it.”