I was curious to see what effect losing weight this fast (Rd1: -39lbs/40days; Rd2: -34lbs/40days) would have on my health.

Plus, is HCG healthy or not? Would it wreck my organs?
Well, I’m happy to report my blood numbers have never looked better.

April 2013: last year, after doing ~8months of paleo
October 2013, started HCG Diet
April 2014: two months after finishing 2nd round of diet

Test Name: April 2013 // April 2014

Weight: 290 // 248lbs

Total Cholesterol: 271 // 247
LDL: 151 // 158
HDL: 53 // 57 (higher is better)
Triglycerides: 335 // 159
Apo B: 146 // 109
These are still in the moderate to high category but a huge drop from before.

Important Note: If you check cholesterol immediately after stopping diet, the numbers will look dangerously high. Because so much fat has been lost, tons of fat in the blood stream, will make it seem as if you are ill.

Wait at least 4wks before testing your blood.

This according to Wheat Belly author, Dr. William Davis: LINK

Example: My mother lost weight on hcg, had blood tests done. The numbers were sky high & her regular doctor advised her to take cholesterol lowering medicine. He was unaware she had lost weight. She’s a nurse and has read Wheat Belly. So she did not panic nor take the meds. [Click here to read more, dude...]


This post is about how to make decisions, how to find answers & how to follow the herd at the right times.

The solution lies in starting with the right assumption.

Story of me driving fast & getting a ticket:

I went to University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. The drive from Chicago suburbs is about 2.5hrs. Sometimes 3hrs.

If driving 90-105 mph, I can cut it down to 2hrs, 10mins.

The drive itself is long & boring. Just one long highway surrounded by corn fields.

I was always excited to get back to college so I could hang with friends, taste freedom & drink as much as I wanted.

One summer night, I was driving around 97-100mph, super excited to get back.
I noticed that all the cars around me were going unusually slow.

My assumption was that they are all idiots & I’m smart.
Why drive slow when you can drive fast?

As I zoomed by, I noticed a car hidden in the middle of the highway, facing my direction, suddenly turn on its lights.

Damn. [Click here to read more, dude...]


What’s up dude

In this episode, I’m talkin about:

- how each one of us is living our own hero’s journey, it’s ok even if it feels egotistical at times. that’s how it’s supposed to feel if you’re the hero in your own life.

- how each one of us has to create a custom system for everything: i use my own diet + cooking + eating strategy as an example

my new personal eating formula:
base + veg + protein + enhancers

base: quinoa, oats, brown rice
veg: spinach, cabbage, broccoli
protein: lean beef, ckn thighs, eggs, lentils, beans
enhancers: kimchi, mild giardiniera, franks red hot sauce, spicy brown mustard, chia seeds

snacks: fruit, almond butter

liquids: filtered water, tea, coffee
supplements: tangytangerine2.0, fish oil, vitamin d

my new personal cooking system:
microwave: hard boil eggs, steam cabbage/spinach
cast iron skillet: scrambled eggs, steak
oven: chicken thighs
foreman grill: grassfed ground beef + turkey mix, salmon
rice cooker: oats for breakfast, quinoa, brown rice

i usually cook all of these at the same time, in big batches, then store in ziplock containers in fridge. before, i was cooking each meal when i was eating it. which is a big hassle.
[Click here to read more, dude...]

Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand.
The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.

- Alexander Graham Bell

I think I figured something out.

As usual, I’m sharing whatever I learn asap:
- to help you out
- to cement the idea further in my mind.

After years of farming on barren land, I’ve had two successful crops in a relatively short amount of time.

What I mean to say is I achieved two “impossible” goals back to back within the past few months.

#1 Losing -66lbs since October 2013
#2 Whooping starcraft 2 computer’s ass, on very hard level (no small feat!)

Both of these goals seemed like having to climb mount everest.

Especially losing weight.
I’ve been losing that battle year after year for almost two decades.

Starcraft 2 is just a pleasant surprise.
I’ve assumed since 1999 that I’m too dumb to learn starcraft (original).

Last year, I bought starcraft 2.
Immediately, I felt inadequate playing the game. It’s super complex and I know nothing about it.

But I figured out a system, by trial & error.
And I think this system is replicable.

Here’s the success recipe:

Pick a specific goal.
Throw the kitchen sink at it. [Click here to read more, dude...]

This post is about feeling absolutely terrible during my 5th week of HCG Diet, Round 2.

I’ve lost -30lbs so far, but feel miserable.

Headaches, lightheadedness, can’t think clearly, slow witted, small spots of rashes, small patches of dry skin.

Restless unhappy mind. Don’t want to sleep. Don’t want to be awake. Can’t read, listen or watch anything.

Feels like a massive hungover.

Until an hour ago, assumed I was whining for no reason. I should just tough it out, only 8 days left.

Then my mind blessed me with a ray of light. A long lost memory came back.

When we lose weight, toxins stored in fat get released into the bloodstream.

When a lot of weight lost, a lot of toxins released. DUH!

How could I forget this??

Detox Solutions:
Took an advil for the headache.
Memory is so foggy, forgot that advil exists!

Took a sea salt bath.
Known to remove toxins from the skin.
I use 2cups of fine grain, pure himalayan sea salt.

Natural ways body releases toxins:
Liquid – urine (I need to drink more water)
Solid – poop (not happening since eating very little)
Sweat – not happening in cold winter! A sauna would be helpful.

You can stop reading now if you want.
The rest of the post is simply for my fun. [Click here to read more, dude...]

For thousands of years, folks have tried to figure out the meaning of life.

These four philosophies interest me.
I’d like to attempt describing them in simple terms.

1. We come from nothingness, return to nothingness.
2. We have free will.
3. Act morally, not because God demands it, but because it’s the right thing to do.
4. There is no point to life, no reason for our existence.

Proponents: Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Epicurus

1. Some things are under our control, other things are not.
2. Things under our control: what we think.
3. Things not in our control: everything else.
4. Focus on the uncontrollable leads to miserable life.
5. There is a soul, there are gods, there is a flow to nature.
6. Whatever happens is the right thing, because by definition it happened.
7. Point of life is tranquility, peace of mind.

Proponents: Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Musonius Rufus, Socrates

1. Life is suffering (it’s natural to suffer)
2. There is a reason for suffering (attachment, desire)
3. There is a way out of suffering (nonattachment)
4. There is a way not to suffer (right action/thinking/speech)
5. Everything is God.
6. Life is school. We come back repeatedly until all lessons learned.
7. Point of life is enlightenment.

Proponents: Buddha, Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh

Law of Attraction:
1. Thoughts create things.
2. We control our destiny, through our thought vibration (simple, not easy).
3. There is God. We are God. Everything is God. The All that Is. The Source.
4. We are electricity, not the toaster.
5. Like attracts like.
6. Point of life is expansion, fun, experience, happiness.

Proponents: Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Unity Church, Louise Hay, Think & Grow Rich, New Thought Movement


I believe in all four philosophies at the same time.
I’ve taken a page from Bashar, who says to embrace paradoxes.

For example, when someone is uneducated & superstitiously follows religious leaders, I like to wear my Atheist hat.

When I have goals to accomplish, I use Law of Attraction to keep my spirits & thoughts high.

When things don’t work out the way I want, I become a Stoic.

When life is really difficult & I’m laying in bed suffering, I become a Buddhist.


Buddhist 4 Noble Truths
Diagram: The Influence of Socrates on Stoicism